The Zelda games have so much history and lore that sometimes you forget it all takes place in a video game world. Just like actual archaeologists, fans are still digging deep into every little detail just to discover something new. Of course the main focus nowadays is the newest game in the franchise, Breath of the Wild. And the video we’re tackling today looks at yet another piece of Hyrule history from that game.

That piece of history is the Faron region’s barbarian tribes, which Gagz Gaming has decided to dig deeper into. This whole theory on the origins of this tribe stem from the Barbarian Armor set you obtain from the three Lomei Labryinth’s in Breath of the Wild.  When taking a closer look at this outfit, the theorist believes that the Faron Barbarians are tied to the Gerudo, and their descendants are the citizens of Lurelin Village.

Apparently it all ties into the mysterious swirl symbol found on the entrances of the labyrinths. This symbol can also be found on the flags in the Gerudo region, as well as on the banners in Lurelin Village. Gagz Gaming mainly digs into why this Gerudo tribe would separate from these barbarians and move to a place like the Faron region.

What do you think of this theory? Is there anything you think they may have missed when looking into the Faron Barbarians? Let us know in the comments below!

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