As many people who follow Nintendo will know, the Club Nintendo rewards program will be replaced soon, and Nintendo has been very busy making sure that it goes out with a bang. Across all three main regions Nintendo has been cutting prices of items and adding awesome new goodies, like a Majora’s Mask Lamp, to the long list which currently stands. As such Nintendo has decided to update the European list once more, reintroducing the Legend of Zelda themed 3DS XL Carry Case.

Our European readers will remember that Nintendo had added the new feature of digital downloads for Virtual Console titles to the stars catalogue, as it is called in Europe, a while back. These titles include all current Zelda games featured on the Virtual Console and they are available for differing amounts of stars. Nintendo sent out an e-mail today to those subscribed to the Club Nintendo newsletter, stating that they will be reintroducing certain beloved and highly requested items, alongside all new exclusive rewards. One of the items they will be reintroducing is the Legend of Zelda themed 3DS XL Carry Case which originally appeared in the stars catalogue back in August of 2014.

Other items they will be reintroducing include the very popular Luigi’s Mansion 2 Diorama and six replicas of Mario Kart 7‘s cups. All new to the stars catalogue are a Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker Figurine Lamp, a Super Mario Eco Baddies Shopping Bag, and Super Mario Coaster Sets. All of these items were announced with coinciding pictures, which can be viewed in the gallery below, but they also mentioned several other items they will be including at a later point. These include a Club Nintendo Game Card Case – 2nd Edition, Kirby‘s Dream Blanket, a Super Mario Card Matching Game, a Mario Kart 8 Original Soundtrack CD, and a Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin.

The website Nintendo linked in their e-mail is currently down, so how many stars all of these will actually cost falls only to speculation. The Zelda Carry Case originally cost 4000 stars, but following the recent price cut in North America the exact prices remain uncertain.

What do you think of the items they have announced? Will you be getting any? What items would you rather have seen returning? Let us know down below!

Source: Nintendo PR

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