Link's Awakening Strategy GuideOne of my favorite hobbies in the Zelda world is collecting Zelda based strategy guides, both old and new. About a year ago we launched our Zelda Strategy Guides page and published guides were steadily being added to the page as time went one. However, it reached a standstill for awhile, but I’m glad to announce today that we are ready to relaunch the page with tons of new goodies for you.

The page now includes 42 different published strategy guides dating back all the way to the original Legend of Zelda up until the most recent Prima Games guide release for Spirit Tracks. Each guide has a scan of its cover, its publisher, its ISBN number, and a few pros and cons about the particular guide. Some of the guides are fully available to be viewed at our image gallery. In the future I’d at the very least like to have quick previews of all the guides, along with links to potential places where you can purchase them if they are available. You can check out what we have available right now by clicking here.

You may notice that we are missing quite a few recognizable guides for some of the games. This is because the only guides I have included on this page are ones that are in my personal collection. I am missing quite a few of the common American released guides, along with tons of Japanese guides. As I continue to collect the guides I plan on making them available with basic information and hopefully quick sneak peak scans for your viewing pleasure.

There are well over 100 Zelda based guides that have been published over the years in the various languages and some day I hope to get my hands on as many of them as I can. I’ll be adding them to this page as we go and I’ll eventually have to split this page up until smaller pages since its likely to get a bit too long with so many guides in circulation.

Did you own any Zelda guides yourself? Do you think this type of page is a cool feature to have here at Zelda Dungeon? Are you a collector of any old Zelda goodies like me? Let us know what you think by posting in the comments below.

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