Today is the final day to take part in our Zelda Shirt and DVD Box Set giveaway contest! This time around we are giving away a Legend of Zelda T-Shirt, the complete Animated Zelda Series Box Set, and a Phantom Hourglass Plush Doll! You can be eligible for all three of these prizes by following the few steps listed below. Be sure to check out the corresponding forum thread for more information on how you can win and examples of posts.

1. You will have to Register at the Forums.

2. Make a single post in this thread, naming what you felt was the most difficult Zelda Level or Dungeon. Be sure to include a reasoning for why it is was your hardest.

3. Have a post count total of 10 to be eligible for the Plush Doll. A post count total of 50 is required to be eligible for the Zelda Shirt and the Animated Series Box Set. You have until Sunday, January 1st at 11:59pm to reach these benchmarks in post count.

So what are you waiting for, Register at the Forums to take part in this great opportunity! The Zelda Dungeon forum is an excellent place to chat with fellow Zelda fans on topics ranging from Zelda, video games, entertainment, fan material, politics, and pretty much anything you’d ever want to chat about.

Check out the Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway Thread for more information!

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