Over the last week or so, UK classical radio station Classic FM has been announcing the winners for this year’s Classic FM Hall of Fame, an annual countdown of the greatest works in classical music. Listeners voted for their favorite entries and the top 300 were selected for placement in the Hall of Fame. Matching up against centuries of renowned classical compositions, the music of The Legend of Zelda series was entered into the Hall of Fame, placing at number 84.

2015 marked the first time Zelda music had entered the Classic FM Hall of Fame. At number 84 of the top 300, Zelda was the highest placing new entry in the hall. A specific composition from the games was not considered; rather, the entire series’ collection of music was placed in the hall. Both Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu were recognized for their work in the series.

Classic FM had this to say about The Legend of Zelda‘s compositions:

“Aside from this more technical application, Kondo’s music for the games takes on a gloriously pastoral character, taking no small influence from both John Williams and Ralph Vaughan Williams. That pastoral character is, for many, eternally bound up in nostalgia for the games themselves, but melodies this good work whether you’ve played them or not.”

Classic FM organizes a Hall of Fame countdown every year, so stay tuned for next year’s voting period. Perhaps we’ll see the Zelda series somewhere in the top 10 next year.

Source: Classic FM

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