Zelda Rising Darkness movieOn Zeldapower924’s YouTube channel an interesting trailer for a Zelda movie was shown. With the title of Zelda: Rising Darkness, it is presented to be very mysterious with a good voice over. Not much is shown as it is a teaser trailer but in it we see what can be presumed to be Gerudo Desert and Kokiri Forest or the Lost Woods. The locations and costumes are presented well and it will be great to see some more news on the production and its progress.

Check out the trailer after the jump!

I like the look of this trailer and truly hope that the movie gets finished as the chances of Nintendo making a Zelda movie are close to none and it will be nice to see what the fans can do. Hopefully it is progressing well and will be released sometime soon.

What did you think of the trailer, was it very exiting or did you want there to be more of it? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.

Source: YouTube

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