One of the many ongoing goals here at Zelda Dungeon is to improve upon our archive of Zelda resources. Over the last several months we’ve spent time scanning and collecting various game manuals for all of the Zelda games. This includes game manuals in several different languages as well as manuals for some of the more obscure Zelda titles. While the listing is far from complete, we now have a collection of over 68 different game manuals within our image gallery.

We have a whole team working on this page, as well as some of our other resource based pages that are in the works. However, we can use your help. Do you have a game manual that isn’t one of the 68 listed on this page? Want to do us a favor and scan it? Well, we’d much appreciate that. Anybody with scans or who wants to arrange to send me scans, just e-mail me at or contact me directly on Skype (armochicken13).

We have tons of projects already underway that we are looking to expand, as well as brand new projects that we are gearing up for launch. We are going to continue to promote our Zelda resources in the coming months, so stayed tuned for all the latest archived Zelda goodies. In the meantime feel free to browse through our growing Zelda Image Gallery, which now totals over 14,000 images.

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