The Twilight Symphony is a project to orchestrate 40 musical tracks from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight of Princess. Not only is it a plan to orchestrate these songs, but the goal is to have a full-sized choir to accompany these tracks. The full project will end up being upwards around two and half hours of orchestrated greatness. The folks over at Zelda Reorchestrated set off on a fundraising goal of reaching $18,000 to record the session. Thanks to all the gracious Zelda and musical fans out there, they were able to surpass their goal and raised over $25,000.

On the 1st of this month, they updated their website and offered a preview bit for the project. This preview came in to the form of a 4-minute audio sampling that had a number of tunes. Go ahead and make the jump to see the news update and listen to the sample piece.

Hi everyone! Apparently ’tis the season for Zelda music. Hopefully you all have had the chance to listen to the bonus CD that came with Skyward Sword, or some of the various fan projects that have cropped up recently! Since Zelda arrangements seem to be quite popular this season, we’ve decided we would like to add a present under your holiday Deku Tree and let you listen to another preview from Twilight Symphony before things get too crazy for the rest of the year. Listen as you read on!

December Preview

The preview isn’t exactly festive, so we apologize if it puts you out of your holiday music mood.. But we do hope that you are able to see the range of emotions that is apparent in the album when you compare this with past previews. Of course, all synthesized choir is only temporary, and these mixes aren’t necessarily finalized yet!

We’re going to be doing our monthly previews at the top of each month now, rather than towards the end, which seems to make more sense. We’re putting the finishing touches on the last of the arrangements! Stay tuned for more project updates!

In case you were trying to pick out the songs, the sample audio piece included the following audio tracks based on a commentator from over at ZREO:

In order: Zant’s Theme (from the scene at Lake Hylia where he zaps Midna’s powers away), Mini Boss Battle, Temple of Time, and then finally a segment from the Throne Room sequence – a much larger piece covering all the events from when Link arrives at the citadel atop Hyrule Castle, through Midna’s Sacrifice, which includes the battle w/ Dark Beast Ganon.

We’ll surely be following this project from here on out. Until then, feel free to post your comments below and be sure to browse Zelda Reorchestrated for all sorts of Zelda musical goodies.

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