The guys over at Zelda Reorchestrated released their sixth track from the Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks, and it is the Final Train Exam theme. This is the very first theme that you hear when you first step onto the train with Alfonzo early in the game. It’s a pretty good listen and it’s done very well.

If you are a big fan of the music from the Legend of Zelda series, you can subscribe to the Music of Zelda YouTube channel. The channel is rather empty right now, but will be providing a variety of Zelda music songs, reorchestrated material, and other fan submitted tracks.

In my opinion, the music of Spirit Tracks was a big step up in comparison to the music from Phantom Hourglass. Unlike Phantom Hourglass, I thought there were numerous songs that were memorable and even after completing the game I can remember them. I played through Phantom Hourglass several times, but there really are only a select few songs that I even know by memory. So what did you all think of the music from Spirit Tracks? How do you think it ranks up against Phantom Hourglass and the other Zelda titles?

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