Nintendo Power Issue #1

Back in the late 80’s there was no internet to go to when you were stuck in a Nintendo game, and there certainly was no internet to go to get the latest news in the video game world. What we had instead was Nintendo Power.

Nintendo Power was the best. It had sections for news, small strategy guides, revealing all sorts of secrets, and each issue even came with its own poster! As a Nintendo and Zelda fan, I loved reading the magazine back then and even today it is a lot of fun looking back at some of the early issues.

With the sheer popularity of the Legend of Zelda series, it’s no surprise that the games were often times mentioned within the magazines. Even the very first ever Nintendo Power magazine had a featured section on the 2nd Quest of the original Legend of Zelda.

With all the Nintendo Power love in the air. Here at Zelda Dungeon we are opening up a brand new section entitled, Zelda Publications. In this section, I will be adding portions of various magazines and other publications over the years that were released that had material about the Zelda series. At the launch of this new section, we have the first two issues of Nintendo Power available. Both of which had plenty of Zelda galore. While we do not have the magazines available in their entirety, we have all of the Zelda related pages for your viewing pleasure. Over the next several months, I plan on going through much of the Nintendo Power magazines, and pulling out all the various Zelda previews, guides, interviews, and anything and everything that is Zelda related. So be sure to stay tuned!

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