Zelda Monsters That Should Return

Hey there guys! First video discussion in a while. I wanted to do something seasonal for Halloween, and ultimately settled on doing a few videos about the monsters in the series, starting with this one. This video is going to be about which monsters I would like to see again, because we haven’t seen them in while, or haven’t seen them in 3D, or haven’t seen them in the way I want them to appear. This is a good topic for everyone to jump in on and give their own thoughts, though! You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Most of the enemies I mention have appeared fairly often in the handheld Zelda games, just not in the main games. 3D Zelda has avoided some enemies entirely, and I think that’s a shame. Of course, this video is not intended to say that all enemies should be pooled from previous games; I still like new enemies. This is just a list of some old ones I’d like to see again sometime as well.

Like I said, this is the perfect kind of video for you to jump into the comments of! Give me your thoughts! Do any of my enemies sound cool to see again or see in 3D? Are there any enemies I didn’t mention that you’d like to see again yourself? Tell me in the comments!

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