Disclaimer: In case it wasn’t obvious enough, this is a 100% fake news post. We are having an open discussion with what to do with this concept right here.

We already knew that we could expect a good deal of news for

Super Smash Bros. For 3DS/Wii U in this month’s issue of the Japanese publication, CoroCoro (officially due out on August 12th), but after it was clarified that it would only be detailing previously announced characters and stages, we weren’t expecting anything particularly exciting. However, thanks to CoroCoro’s tendency to leak a few days early onto Japanese forums, we now have confirmation of a surprising reveal. Masahiro Sakurai himself is featured in this month’s issue, and in true trolling form, he gives us news when weren’t expecting it, detailing the return of the Demon King, translated (loosely) below:

“The Prince of Darkness returns! His dual blades bring the wielder of the

Triforce of Power’s might to new heights! While you might think this would slow him down, guess again! His new form brings not only new strength but also a speed his foes have never known. Better bring plenty of Light Arrows to this fight!” Along with this announcement confirming not only the Prince’s return but the use of his redesigned Hyrule Warriors form come bits and pieces regarding his revamped play style and the processes that went into this intriguing choice:

  • When it was decided that Ganondorf would be included in this entry, Sakurai was considering using an adapted version of Demise‘s design, but was hesitant.
  • When Hyrule Warriors started development, Sakurai asked if they would be doing anything to change Ganondorf’s appearance, and this is when he saw early sketches of what would eventually become the Hyrule Warriors version of Ganondorf.
  • Sakurai’s enthusiasm for the stronger, more feral, and brutal form of Ganondorf contributed to the final decision look in Hyrule Warriors.
  • As he has done with other heavy hitters like Bowser, Sakurai has worked hard to make the strikes of Ganondorf feel satisfying. To this end, he would play as the character in demos of Hyrule Warriors to really pinpoint which attacks made him feel powerful.
  • Tecmo Koei was “surprisingly” responsive to Sakurai’s requests to play the game and learn more about this new approach to Ganondorf, possibly because they wanted their take on the character through Hyrule Warriors to be well informed by the opinions of experienced Nintendo employees.
  • In order to make him play more powerfully, attacks have been centered around the dual swords Ganondorf wields along with his dark magic abilities.
  • Side special is a dark orb projectile that traps opponents it hits briefly.
  • Down special causes Ganondorf to strike the ground with his swords and causes a dark shockwave that strikes on both sides
  • Up special is a tether that combines the swords into one surrounded by dark magic.
  • Neutral special similar to one of Palutena’s abilities; called “Dark Beast” and makes him stronger but slower and more susceptible to attacks after he strikes.
  • Final Smash causes a shadow to manifest behind him such as it does in his introduction in Hyrule Warriors; extends the range of his strikes and adds extra knockback.
  • The best thing Sakurai gets from employees who play the game is “he feels like a new character”
  • Final hints at “accomplices” or “minions” yet to appear..

Other details were apparently included in the

Smash Bros. section of the publication, but as was implied before, it simply rounds up and reviews information already revealed about other characters and stages. The full scans are yet to come, but should arrive any day now, hopefully with pictures of the wielder of the Triforce of Power in action! While a Miiverse post has not yet appeared, we’re inclined to believe that it will show up on or before the Japanese release of Hyrule Warriors in Japan, this Thursday, August 14th.

What do you think? Are you excited to play as the Prince of Darkness? Do you agree that it was the right decision to go with such a drastic redesign? Do you really believe any of things above? I surely hope not.

Welcome to our very special Weekly Feature: Zelda Misinformer! Unlike everything else on our site (contrary to the opinions of the interlopers and marauders who forever haunt ZI), this news in completely made up! It could be influenced by rumors, related news, serendipitous reveals in the gaming community, but mostly our dreams, hopes, and wishes. While all of you good people who have read this far (and lazy ones who skipped to the end) are fully aware of the facetious and deceptive nature of this feature, your friends, family, and gaming communities likely are not – so go nuts!

Along with the inevitable hate in the comments, feel free to play along with the news or legitimately discuss why aspects of this news should or shouldn’t be true. Hope to see you back next week for another fun time with ZM!

All news in the article, is meant to be false. Any likenesses or similarities to actual news or information is completely coincidental. We make no claim to have knowledge of the subjects discussed in the above post beyond that of which has already been posted elsewhere on this site.

Special thanks to user “TheMilkman” who is credited with the original idea of Zelda Misinformer! (See? We actually listen to our fans on occasion)

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