Have you ever wanted The Legend of Zelda to be turned into LEGO? Well the idea is one step closer as the petition for LEGO Legend of Zelda has reached its target of 10,000, and we all know what happens when a project reached 10,000 votes. That’s right, the project gets reviewed by LEGO and then hopefully gets presented to the license holder, or Nintendo in this case. Hopefully in the future we will start seeing LEGO Legend of Zelda sets, so fingers crossed the concept gets approved by Nintendo. You can see some 3D images of some LEGO Zelda concepts after the jump.

Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below. Do you want to see LEGO Legend of Zelda sets in the future? Would you buy LEGO Legend of Zelda, regardless of how old you are? Do you think Nintendo will approve the project?

Source: Lego.cuusoo.com
Via: GoNintendo

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