Zelda Just Beginning

What the heck is this about with that kind of title. Well, our friends over at Just Zelda have been working on a Zelda fan game for quite some time now and have just recently released a demo of their long anticipated game. The title of the game is none other than , Zelda Just Beginning.

I’m not gonna lie, I downloaded it with very low expectations. I’ve played my fair share of Zelda fan made titles before and none of them have ever been that satisfying. However, after playing just five minutes of this one, I had a completely different reaction to it. The game was awesome and it actually felt like a Zelda game. The gameplay is as precise as can be and you wouldn’t even know that Nintendo wasn’t apart of its creation. The music is very fitting and just everything is… perfect. I haven’t reached the end of the demo, but I’m very impressed. So impressed that I felt it was imperative that I made a post about it here at Zelda Dungeon. So everybody, head on over to Just Zelda and download their amazing Zelda fan game demo. Now!

Zelda: Just Beginning

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