Zelda IS the Best

By now, I would have figured you would all think that Zelda is the best in your own opinions. However, you are all not alone. According to a GameFAQs poll, over 35 percent of the people that attend GameFAQs (which ranks 548 on Alexa) believe The Legend of Zelda to be the best Nintendo series, far surpassing the scores of Super Mario (around seventeen percent) and Pokemon (around eighteen percent). This makes things quite interesting, for a few months ago, Ocarina of Time lost its “Best Game of All Time” throne from critics to Super Mario Galaxy 2 (temporarily with the coming of Ocarina of Time 3D). It is also much more interesting because if you were to go ask people on the street who Zelda is, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if they said that Zelda was the protagonist. Say what you will, but the results are in, and the epicness known as the Legend of Zelda has struck down the other Nintendo giants.

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