Zelda Interviews Page Launched

Shigeru MiyamotoOver the past several months here at the site I have been trying to boost up our resource pages. This started with the Strategy Guides and Publications pages, and more recently with the Developer Timeline Quotes page. The goal of many of these pages is to provide a resource for those interested in this type of material, while also preserving much of this content online. Today we have added another new page in this line of resources and it is the Zelda Interviews page.

So you might be asking yourself, why is such a page even necessary? Many of the actual interviews on the page don’t exist anywhere online. In some cases they were previously only in online magazine scans or on websites that are now debunked, so one of my goals was to make this content archived and readily available online. It’s also a great resource for curious fans just looking for some old, yet fun material to read over, just to see what some of the developers were saying at the various times in history. Lastly, it can be useful if you are looking for a specific interview to help support a theory of yours, or to provide quotes from the various Nintendo representatives.

The Interviews page has a built in search function which was designed in-house by our site administrator Justin. It works fairly nicely and it is great if you are looking for particular keywords. There are also some sorting features, allowing you to break the listing down by interviewee or interviewer. To make things simple, by default the interviews are all sorted by the date in which the actual interview occurred.

The page is obviously far from complete and it is missing quite a few interviews. Over the course of time I do plan on periodically making updates to this page, adding old archived interviews that are not included, while also adding new interviews as they occur in the future.

So what are your thoughts on this page and other resource pages like this? Do you find this useful and/or necessary? Is this something that we should focus more of our time here at the website on? Do you think this type of material should be archived somewhere on the internet for safe keeping? Your input on this would be much appreciated, so please let us know in the comments below. Also, if you are a theorist and there is a particular interview that seems to be missing from this page, head on over to the Zelda Interviews Forum Thread to help us out.

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