When it comes to Zelda-inspired games, indie title Hyper Light Drifter may be one of the most highly-acclaimed. We’ve even discussed the game previously, sharing how the game has wowed our staff by taking inspiration from the kind of dungeon crawling and combat found in A Link to the Past. Now the Hyper Light universe is back with a new title launching in 2023: Hyper Light Breaker.

In their recent gameplay reveal trailer, publisher Gearbox Publishing and developer Heart Machine returned on the sixth year anniversary of Hyper Light Drifter to unveil a first look at the new co-op adventure. Hyper Light Breaker boasts the ability to explore the Hyper Light world in 3D either in single-player or online cooperative multiplayer modes. The game is currently in development. Hyper Light Drifter’s original creative director Alx Preston is returning to the helm for the upcoming sequel.

Hyper Light Breaker will reportedly be launching via Steam Early Access during 2023 (according to Heart Machine’s Tumblr blog and the gameplay reveal trailer, specifically fall 2023), and can now be wishlisted on Steam. On the game’s Steam page, the developers have also provided more information on what the game will be like, how long it will be in Early Access, and how the full version will be different. The title’s Steam page also provides more information about the game’s atmosphere:

Enter the Overgrowth, a forgotten land in the world of Hyper Light. Play alone or with friends to explore open worlds, fight brutal monsters, unlock gear, create new builds, take on the mysterious Crowns and overthrow the ominous Abyss King in this adventure from the creators of Hyper Light Drifter.

At time of writing, there’s no information available as to what the game’s price will be when it’s released Early Access or how much this price may change once the full game is released. If you’re interested in following along as the game continues through development, you can check out the game’s official website, Twitter, and Steam page for updates.


What do you think of this sequel to Hyper Light Drifter? What stands out to you about the gameplay reveal? What do you hope Hyper Light Breaker is like? Do you plan on getting the upcoming title? Let us know down below!

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