Our Best Dungeon tournament continues with two new titles. As Spirit Temple and Ghost Ship duke it out in yesterday’s poll, the winning dungeons of A Link to the Past and Twilight Princess step into the fray.

Turtle Rock (A Link to the Past) Vs. Arbiter’s Grounds (Twilight Princess)

Large, complex, and dangerous, Turtle Rock acts as Link’s final test before he can step foot in Ganon’s Tower. Turtle Rock’s primary item is the Mirror Shield, which has its uses, but the dungeon also introduces a new feature of the Cane of Somaria. Our hero can use the cane to create platforms that run on a system of rails with the cave; zipping from rail to rail is one of Turtle Rock’s standout moments for me. A Link to the Past is home to many great dungeons, this expansive cavern stands above them all.

There are just so many things to praise about the Arbiter’s Grounds. The prison-like dungeon creates an atmosphere unlike anything else in the series, combining ancient intrigue and supernatural horror; it revisits the Poe mechanic of Ocarina of Time‘s Forest Temple, as Link must track down for Poes within the dungeon in order to progress; and it introduces one of the coolest items of the Zelda series in the Spinner. Arbiter’s Grounds ups the ante with every room, making it one of the frontrunners in our tournament.

So, it’s time to decide which is the better dungeon: Turtle Rock or Arbiter’s Grounds

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Here’s some important tournament information:

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See you in tomorrow!

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