Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Our Best Dungeon tournament continues with two new titles. As the Sword & Shield Maze and Temple of Darkness duke it out in our last poll, the winning dungeons of Oracle of Ages and Tri Force Heroes step into the fray today.

Mermaid’s Cave (Oracle of Ages) Vs. Sky Temple (Tri Force Heroes)

Note: The dungeons featured in our wild card round received the least votes of any dungeon in Round 0, therefore they must earn a spot in Round 1.

It’s not always easy to convey an effective atmosphere in an 8-bit medium, but the Mermaid’s Cave proves to be a masterful example of what was possible on the Game Boy. The great music, the underwater gameplay, and the dungeon’s layout (it’s shaped like a Mermaid, you know) all helped to make exploring the cave an engaging experience. As well, this is the only dungeon in the game that can be entered in both the past and the present, making it the only one that utilizes Ages‘ time-travel mechanic.

Let’s be honest: not a lot of fans got far enough into Tri Force Heroes to see the Sky Temple. But those who have explored this stronghold in the sky know just how exciting it is. In each of the stage’s first three levels, the team of Links is presented with a wide assortment of items they can potentially use to traverse the clouded obstacles before them, making this stage particularly replayable. There’s plenty of tense platforming, tough battles, and a climactic boss fight to finish off this cooperative Zelda game.

So, it’s time to decide which is the better dungeon: Mermaid’s Cave or Sky Temple

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Here’s some important tournament information:

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  • Voting for each game will be open for exactly one week.
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  • Once voting pages for all Round 1 bouts have been posted, there will be a one-week break before Round 2 begins.

See you tomorrow!

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