Hey there, Zelda fans. With Dungeon Week coming to a close, I want to thank everyone who has participated so far in the newly revamped ZI Vs. feature. Hundreds of readers voted for their favorite dungeons in the first six Zelda games, and we thought it a good idea to recap the current standings and give you an update on when polls will close.

The week began with the two NES Zelda games. Obviously some voters found it difficult to identify with any one dungeon from those older titles, but the tournament really heated up when we opened the A Link to the Past poll. Voting on that game and on Ocarina of Time has been extremely close, as some dungeons are separated by only a handful of votes.

Here are the dungeons currently leading in each poll:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Level 9 (Death Mountain). Polls close October 2nd. (Vote Here)
  • The Adventure of Link: Great Palace. Polls close October 3rd. (Vote Here)
  • A Link to the Past: Thieves’ Town. Polls close October 4th. (Vote Here)
  • Link’s Awakening: Eagle’s Tower. Polls close October 5th. (Vote Here)
  • Ocarina of Time: Spirit Temple. Polls close October 6th. (Vote Here)
  • Majora’s Mask: Stone Tower Temple. Polls close October 7th. (Vote Here)

Be sure place your vote for each game before polls close.

Here’s some important tournament information:

  • If you receive a “Failed to Verify Referrer” message and you are logged in to a version of WordPress, try logging out.
  • We will post a new game’s voting page each day, Monday through Saturday.
  • Voting for each game will be open for exactly one week.
  • Every Sunday, we will post a wrap-up article explaining the results of the prior week.
  • Once voting pages for all 18 mainline Zelda games have been posted, there will be a two-week break before Round 1 begins.

See you next week!

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