We’re nearing the end of this preliminary round of our Best Dungeon tournament, and a certain trio is ready to enter the ring. As Thieves’ Hideout takes the lead in our A Link Between Worlds poll, we take a look at the Zelda series’ latest stab at multiplayer gameplay. Tri Force Heroes might have produced some mixed feelings, but I’m sure we can all still come up with a best dungeon.

What is the Best Dungeon in Tri Force Heroes?

Similar to Four Swords Adventures, this 3DS adventure forgoes the traditional open-world style of the Zelda series and takes on a level-based structure. Friends play through various areas of four levels each, with the first three levels taking on a more overworld feel and the last level more resembling a dungeon. Just like we did in our FSA poll, this poll will only include the last level of each area.

I can’t say how many of us actually finished Tri Force Heroes (I own the game and I still haven’t), but I’ve played enough to know that, with the right group of friends and the right environment, the game’s dungeons can be a blast to complete. Each one presents creative puzzles that make the most of particular item and costume combinations. Heck, some puzzles and enemy encounters can be bested in a different ways depending on a team’s strengths.

So, it’s time to decide the best dungeon in Tri Force Heroes.

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Here’s some important tournament information:

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See you next week!

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