And so we turn to the Zelda series’ first foray in handheld gaming. As A Link to the Past was making quite an impression on the SNES (Thieves’ Town is currently winning in that game’s poll by the way), Link’s Awakening proved to the gaming world that the Zelda formula could work just as well on the go.

What is the Best Dungeon in Link’s Awakening?

In Link’s quest to awaken the fabled Wind Fish, he is forced to endure many dangerous caves, shrines, and fortresses. His search for the Eight Instruments of the Sirens takes him to every corner of the mysterious Koholint Island, from forests to mountains to the roaring sea.

Link’s Awakening proves that a game can have fantastic dungeons despite its inferior hardware. In fact, the game’s dungeon design is so creative at times that even A Link to the Past would be jealous. With things like side-scrolling sections and the Roc’s Feather adding variety to each encounter, this Game Boy classic stands especially firm in the dungeon category.

So, it’s time to decide the best dungeon in Link’s Awakening.

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