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In this episode of the ZI Podcast we talk about-WAIT THEY ANNOUNCED MAJORA? No idea if our podcast team is gonna be okay with the news this week as they tackle the heavy hitter from this week’s Nintendo Direct. Luckily, our cast is joined by Screwits who helps them deal with the shocking news.

This week we have Adam (The Hostest with the Mostest), Jake (Really just some guy), Chris (Squirrel Story extraordinair), Paulson (aka Screwits), and Post-Adam (Always grumpy). Share with your friends as we take a trip on the longest episode yet!

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Zelda Whatever (Not for kiddos/NSFW)

NSFW Drake & Josh (Also not for kiddos/NSFW)

Smash Bros Reaction Video by the Fine Bros

Please remember you’re never alone and if you ever need someone, there are plenty of websites and hotlines you can reach out to. Link and Zelda had the courage to face Ganondorf, and you can have the Courage to overcome your troubles. Just have the Wisdom to reach out to those with the Power to help you. P.S. From us here at ZI, you’re awesome.

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