Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:


   Last week we started a new feature at Zelda Informer, but we never properly introduced it here at the site. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm CST, yours truly (or another staff member) will be live streaming on our Twitch Channel. Generally throughout these livestreams we give away some free merchandise like T-Shirts, or in a special case the rest of this year, entries into our end of year giveaway, which includes a copy of Majora’s Mask Special Edition (imported to wherever you are if possible), a First4Figure (valued around $400), and so much more (still building out the total prize packages).

For now every stream starts off with a Mario Kart 8 tournament, where the winner gets a free Zelda T-Shirt. The code for this tournament is available within the stream itself, so you’ll have to check it out to participate (again, this all starts at 8pm CST… tonight!). After I am finished with my races in Mario Kart 8 I play the next game by request – be it The Wind Waker HD, Hyrule Warriors, more Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 1 or 2, or whatever folks request that I happen to have.

Tonight’s stream is extra special because I’ll be also talking about Smash Bros., as I have now had a full day of time with our review copy and can attempt to answer questions that are within my boundary of answering. If you want to see some exclusive footage of Smash, be sure to check out this weekends episode of The Boss Man, where I will show off roughly 10 minutes of Smash footage and be talking over it, explaining what is going on and why I am excited for the title. I hope to see all of here tonight!

This Thursday, we’ll be rocking that Zelda DLC too!

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