Hyrule Warriors, which was revealed in this morning’s Nintendo Direct, along with a juicy trailer, is looking to be a very unique and exciting title. I, for one, am simply thrilled to check it out next year (as I’m sure most of you are). So excited, in fact, that I can’t stop watching that trailer! And neither could Brian, our resident social media guru, who managed to spot everyone’s favorite imperiled princess standing in the background in one brief shot. Zelda, or more specifically the version of Zelda from Twilight Princess, can be seen standing behind some glass when you see Link using the fire rod. A very neat find, and one that adds another layer of intrigue to an already quite intriguing game.

It is clear to us now that Hyrule Warriors will be pulling from various games in the franchise, as opposed to being based on one single game. For example, the trailer shows King Dodongo, whose design here is very close to his design from Ocarina of Time, Bokoblins and Lizalfos enemies pulled straight out of Skyward Sword, and now Zelda from Twilight Princess.

Here is a screenshot pulled from the trailer.

It makes sense that they would go this route, as the game is surely meant to bring in casual fans and get them excited about Zelda again during the lead-up to Zelda U, and those casual fans would most likely want to see familiar, recognizable characters. The Twilight Princess Zelda is a very classical design that matches up with what casual fans might expect Zelda to look like, as opposed to the Zelda from Skyward Sword or Wind Waker, which were both quite different takes on the character. And who could ever forget the Dodongo boss fight from Ocarina? I know I was amazed to see him back again, and in the middle of Hyrule Field, no less. I think Nintendo and Tecmo-Koei have made quite a brilliant move here. Hyrule Warriors will be perfect for anyone who wants to delve back into the world of Zelda without being overwhelmed by the prospect of replaying multiple games before Zelda U is released.

After all the negative press Nintendo has been getting, it seems to me that they are doing their best to come back with a vengeance, and 2014 is shaping up to be one hell of a comeback for Nintendo.

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