Welcome to another edition of the Zelda Fanart Spotlight. This week we are looking at a digital painting called The Legend of Zelda:: Back from the Journey by artist Kissai. In this piece, an older Link is sitting comfortably with his owl friend, relaxing after what was certain to be a difficult journey. Cluttering the floor around him is a bunch of different items from every game in the series.

How many different items can you spot? This one you’ll have to see full size to truly appreciate!

With Navi floating nearby, her glow radiates off the items and Link’s face. The lantern is also letting off a contrasting warm glow, illuminating the tiny fairy lounging on the Seed Satchel from Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages.

There is so much to look at, that it seems like every glance at this picture reveals a little detail not noticed before. The rest of Kissai’s gallery is full of similarly detailed work, so make sure to visit them on DeviantART to support and see more of their work.

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