The excitement of playing a Legend of Zelda game and opening a treasure chest is a fond memory most fans who repeatedly play the games have, but residents of Austin, Texas can take that excitement one step further thanks to a diehard crafter by the name of Ez.

A Texas resident, Ez is a big fan of the Zelda franchise. He began to grow interested in making Zelda-related art, so he started experimenting with the Wind Waker palette, using it to mix colors and emulate the art style. The media that Ez used to bring his crafts to life included stained glass, perler beads, and even crochet bags. After his home started to fill with Zelda art, he decided he wanted the world to experience his creations. That’s when he started making treasure chests to hide around Austin.

The first chest was hidden approximately 20 feet up a “scary” cliff, Ez said. It’s visible from a distance, and as people find and open the chest, they’re greeted with a reward of some kind. Various Zelda arts and crafts filled the first chest, along with a note that contained Ez’s email address, asking for a picture of the person who found the treasure. Only one person emailed Ez, but after he checked on his treasure chest, he found that good Samaritans had filled it back up with gift cards, lottery tickets, and other trinkets.

“I’m hoping the honor system kicks in there — that might be the most naive thing I’ve ever said. But I’m hoping the honor system kicks in. I think the people who are looking for this know that there are other people looking for it. You know, just take what you want. It would be really cool if people keep it going forward and take something and leave something. Once it’s out there, it’s out of my hands, and it’s up to the culture of people who are out there to decide how it works.”

The chest in the video above is the third treasure chest to be crafted. Since its creation, the wooden chest has been placed somewhere in Austin.

For the next treasure chest, Ez plans to do a larger release than before with multiple hints. As for areas where he is planning on placing it, Ez told ZeldaInformer that he was thinking really hard about hiding it in [CENSORED].

[Editorial note: The staff at ZeldaInformer are not aware of the chest’s location. Don’t ask.]

Are there any Austin residents on here that plan to actively search for Ez’s chests?

Source: Kotaku

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