Dark Horse’s Hyrule Historia and Arts & Artifacts were well-received by many Zelda fans, with both containing several insights into the story and art of the series. Excitingly, it was recently announced that a follow-up, The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia, will be joining the two books as part of the “Goddess Collection”.

The encyclopedia will contain a 320-page comprehensive guide of every Zelda game between The Legend of Zelda and Twilight Princess HD, with descriptions and explanations of items, characters, and character relationships. It will also include detailed maps, illustrations, and screen caps. Finally, it will include an exclusive interview with Eiji Aonuma, the producer of the Legend of Zelda series.

The encyclopedia will sell for $39.99 and will be released in April of 2018. It will likely be available for pre-order soon.

But what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to the next installment in the Goddess Collection? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Kotaku

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