Tears of the Kingdom is a massive game, and the amount of content within is completely overwhelming. Whether it is Shrines, Lightroots, or Korok Seeds, the game has so many different things to keep track of. Fortunately for the players looking to be completionists, Zelda Dungeon has an interactive map that includes an extensive list of filter options across The Sky, The Surface, and The Depths.

The interactive Tears of the Kingdom map from Zelda Dungeon has garnered praised from an unlikely source: Forbes.com. In an article titled “Here’s The Best ‘Tears Of The Kingdom’ Map For Shrines, Koroks, Dragon Tears, Everything,” Senior Contributor Paul Tassi praised Zelda Dungeon’s interactive map as the ” cleanest, easiest” to use. Tassi also praised the search options and filters available on Zelda Dungeon’s interactive map, which allows the player to search for a huge array of content including the locations of specific boss, quests, and collectibles that are scattered across the Tears of the Kingdom‘s three massive areas.

You can find our Tears of the Kingdom interactive map right here.

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Source: Forbes

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