Hello all, I’m here to announce the final addition to the Majora’s Mask section: the Official Guide. It’s simply all of the guides and information found in our Majora’s Mask section in text document form for your downloading pleasure. This used to be a fairly common thing among Zelda fan sites to offer such a thing.

This is great for those who wish to print out a portion of our walkthrough or simply use it on a computer that lacks an internet connection but is close to their console.

ZD Official Guide (Majora’s Mask)

With that being said, it has been posted on GameFAQs.com, a nice little site that allows people like me to post their guides. From now on, you’ll steadily see guides written by the author “ZeldaDungeon” appear on that site for all of the Zelda games.

This variety of the same guide: (downloadable) text, site and video are literally the same guide in different forms. It’s a great resource if you don’t find one of them helpful enough or prefer one over the other.

I will return to the Majora’s Mask section at some point to make the Video Walkthrough like Mases has been doing with the previous titles. At the moment, I am going to turn my sights to the prequel to this game.

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