Way back in January of this year, here at Zelda Dungeon we counted down what we believed to be the top 25 Zelda songs. This countdown included the opinions of many of the current and former staff members, as well as some of the long time forum members. In the end we reached a listing of 25 songs, and looking back upon this listing, 4 of the songs were from Majora’s Mask. Furthermore, Majora’s Mask held 2 of the top 4 songs on the listing! The four Majora’s Mask songs are listed below, along with their numbers on the countdown.

21.) Termina Field
9.) Song of Healing
4.) The Final Hours
2.) Stone Tower Temple

The above embedded song is of The Final Hours, or otherwise known as the Last Day. This was the few hours on the last day that occurred right before the moon was going to drop. In my opinion, this song was one of the darkest songs in the entire Zelda series. The impending destruction of Clocktown can really be heard in the music and it was a great inclusion by the music team of Majora’s Mask. While perhaps it doesn’t have the sadness of the Song of Healing, or the awesomeness of the Stone Tower Temple, it was my personal favorite song in Majora’s Mask.

So what were your favorite songs from Majora’s Mask? Post your Top 5 Majora’s Mask songs in the comments below.

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