It’s finally here! After what seems like an excruciatingly long wait, Link, Zelda, and the rest of the gang are all set to do battle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Smash has always been one of my favorite series, and ever since the days of the Nintendo 64 version, I fantasized about who I would want to fight as in the next game. With the passing years, Smash Bros. has evolved from a neat collection of Nintendo lore to an industry-wide celebration of all video games, with nearly every major game that’s graced a Nintendo console making some kind of appearance in Ultimate. To mark this monumental occasion, we wanted to do something fun.

Of course, we all know that “everyone is here” in Ultimate, with a whopping 80 fighters by the time it’s all said and done, buuuut… should that really stop us from doing what Smash fans do best: talking about who else we want to see as a playable fighter? Heck no!

Each editor at Zelda Dungeon went and picked a character that they wanted to see in Nintendo’s fighting series, complete with moves, and using those picks, we’ve put together a fantasy game we like to call Super Smash Bros. ZD. Some of these picks truly are fantasy and would have no chance at ever being announced for a Smash Bros game. On the other hand, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if some other picks end up as some of Ultimate‘s downloadable fighters. Without further ado, let’s meet the roster!


Alright, I, Andy Spiteri, am gonna kick off the roster with a flash, a frost, and a flame…

Up^B –Wind (A large burst of wind propels Black Mage upwards)

Down^B – Demi (Mage creates a bubble around him that zaps his opponent’s health)

Side>B – Meteor (Mage hurls a flaming meteor at his foes!)

Neutral B – Thundaga/Blizzaga/Firaga (Mage shoots a random burst of magical energy)

Final Smash – Flare (Black Mage reflects a Flare attack off himself onto one opponent for huge damage)

“Black Mage is such an iconic character. Beyond his moveset lending itself well to the Smash series, it seems to me that he’s one of the last truly iconic characters not be feature in Nintendo’s epic crossover fighter. Although part of me wanted to be specific to Vivi from Final Fantasy IX, I had to go with a broader character — one who has ties to the original NES and is synonymous with Final Fantasy. Mage has been a personal pick of mine for a while, and now in Super Smash Bros. ZD, he gets his chance to shine!”

Rod Lloyd couldn’t settle on just one pick, so he combined three into one…

Up^B – Mole Launch! (A Mole trap — as seen in Tri Force Heroes and A Link Between Worlds — launches the three Links high into the air, delivering minor damage to opponents on the way up.)

Down^B – Totem Up! (The three Link’s stack on top of each other if they are all grounded / The top Link is thrown from the Totem as a projectile. Once two Link’s are thrown as projectiles, the totem gets dismantled and we’re left with three Link’s at ground level again. But this time, the Link that was the lowest in the totem is the new leader.)

Side>B – Co-op Cheer! (A giant expression bubble — like those used in TFH’s multiplayer to communicate — appears to the side of the lead Link, delivering a heavy blow to opponents. The expressions could be randomly generated, with each different expression having a different elemental effect.)

Neutral B – Weapon of Choice! (The lead Link or the Link at the top of the totem uses his specialty weapon. Bow with Triple Arrows for Green, Fire Gloves fireball for Red, Gust Jar blast for Blue.)

Final Smash – Dress-Up at Madame Couture’s Studio! (Curtains fall on an opponent and then re-open to reveal him or her in a randomly selected outfit, such as a frilly dress or a Tingle costume. The opponent dies of shame.)

“As if there weren’t enough Links in Smash Bros. already, right? While I’m not the biggest fan of the game Tri Force Heroes — like, at all — I do find the idea of controlling multiple Links at once to be quite intriguing. There’s a ton of potential for strategy! I would treat the Tri Force Heroes like the Ice Climbers; one Link takes the lead, and the others follow. The leader performs the attacks, while the followers provide a bit of support and counter potential. That is, until the player decides to Totem Up! by stacking the three heroes on top of each other and switch up the lead Link. Such a mechanic would allow for some really cool strats involving verticality shifts and attack diversity. Plus, because they come from Tri Force Heroes, this fighter group would have to be as goofy as possible. I embrace goofy.”

From an apocalyptic wasteland to the fully formed battlefields of Smash, Matt Pederson uses his pick on…

Image result for the drifter smash bros

Up^B – Dash Shield (An attack that propels the Drifter upwards a short distance, and shields incoming projectiles.)

Down^B – Change Gun (Changes the weapon used for Neutral B.)

Side>B – Slash Dash (An attack that quickly carries the Drifter forward several feet, damaging any opponents he passes through, but deals no knockback.)

Neutral B – Gun  (The Drifter’s most versatile attacks. The Drifter fires one of eight guns, selected by Down B – Pistol – Six shots, medium range, low damage, quick rate of fire; Rifle – Four shots, long range, medium damage, medium rate of fire, pierces; Shotgun – Three shots, short range, high to low damage (depending on distance), slow rate of fire, can hit multiple targets at distance; Diamond Shotgun – Three shots, long range, low damage (per crystal), medium rate of fire, spread shot of four crystals that return back together part way through trajectory; Railgun – Two shots, long range, high damage, slow rate of fire, the Drifter is immobile; Zaliska – Four shots, medium range, medium damage, slow rate of fire, large energy ball and knockback for the Drifter when fired; Crystal Shot – Three shots, medium range, low damage, medium rate of fire, opponents hit are immobilized momentarily; or Blade Caster – Unlimited use, medium range, low damage, variable rate of fire, the Drifter throws his sword, and therefore cannot use it for other attacks whilst it is in flight. Selected weapons are reloaded by landing consecutive hits with any A attacks.)

“The Drifter is a diverse character with a huge arsenal of weaponry and abilities, making him an ideal candidate for the next Smash Bros. title. With the release of Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition on the Switch, he seems almost like a shoe-in, and at this point Nintendo needs representation of some new series’.”

A common complaint from fans is that Smash has too many sword-fighters. Well, Michaela El-Ters has picked a swordsman unlike any other…

Up^B – Aerial Slash (Frog jumps up and strikes down. It can be used as a recovery move.)

Down^B – Frog Squash (Summons a large frog that falls in front of him. Can be directed based on which way he’s facing.)

Side>B – Slurp Slash (Grabs enemy with tongue before pulling them close to slash them with sword.)

Neutral B – Water (Hold B to charge it up for a more powerful burst.)

Final Smash – Musamune (Sped up and shortened version of Frog cleaving through a cliff)

“He’s a frog, what’s not to love?! Jokes aside, Frog is an iconic character from Chrono Trigger, and I think he would be an ideal representative of the classic game. His story carries and influences so much of the game and his unique design as an honorable, humanoid frog would make him such a unique addition to the roster.”

Brandon Schmitz calls upon a fighter that walks the line between the light and the darkness…

Image result for midna smash bros

Up^B – Sky Cannon (Midna uses her twilight portal to bring forth a miniaturized version of the Oocca Sky Canon used at Lake Hylia. The mischievous imp will quickly hop inside the cannon and launch herself into the air. This move not only helps her recover from falling off of the stage, but it can also inflict damage when directed at enemies.)

Down^B – Hair-Hand Swat (Midna turns her hair into a large hand, at which point she brings it down to crush her opponents.)

Side>B – Wolf Charge (The Twilight Princess summons a Twilit wolf through a portal. The beast swiftly charges forward until it exits the stage through another twilight portal.)

Neutral B – Piercing Strike (This move works similarly to how Midna killed Zant. Holding B charges the imp’s energy, allowing her to stab her enemies with her hair.)

Final Smash – Ancestral Gift (The Twili harnesses the power of the Fused Shadow, transforming her into a spider-like beast. Like Giga Bowser, she’ll head into the stage’s background, at which point she can choose where to bring down her mighty trident.)

“Midna is, hands-down, my favorite video game character. As much as I seriously appreciate her presence as an Assist Trophy, it’s about time she graduated to full-fledged fighter. Her otherworldly abilities in both Twilight Princess and Hyrule Warriors would make for a unique addition to Smash‘s already varied roster. Even setting all of that aside, though, I would love to see Smash venture beyond the Triforce Trio with its Zelda representation. Excluding Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf themselves, Midna is definitely the series’ most popular character. Whenever Super Smash Bros. Even More Ultimate comes around, she’s gotta be there!”

Coming from the mind of Alexis AndersonSuper Smash Bros. ZD will carry on the proud Smash tradition of featuring at least one new Pokemon. From the Aloha Region…

Up^B – Ominous Wind (A flying move that brings it straight up and then dives down, but on the angle you input.)

Down^B – Razor Counter (A counter, Razor Leaf visuals send an attack back.)

Side>B – Leaf Storm (A rush of leaves hits opponents.)

Neutral B – Spirit Shackle (Simple arrow.)

Final Smash – Sinister Arrow Raid (Its Z-move, unleashed in Smash.)

Pokemon Moon was the first Pokemon game I ever fully played through, and I bonded with my Rowlet-eventually-turned-Decidueye like Ash bonded to Pikachu. Smash hasn’t had a grass-type Pokemon as a standalone fighter, programming a character with archer functions is clearly doable, and Decidueye is aesthetically cool. I firmly believe that we didn’t need another bulky fire-type to replace Charizard.”

Oh, you knew there had to be some villains, right? From the mind of Sean Gadus

Up^B – Teleport Strike (Ghirahim can teleport a few feet up in the air or sideways based on direction input. Very similar to Zelda’s Faron Wind ability. This move is mainly used as a recovery, though it can deal a small amount of damage if an opponent is close to Ghirahim as he reappears.)

Down^B –  Power Pose Counter (Ghirahim’s counter triggers a massive sword slash to the attacker. Much like Shulk’s counter, if an opponent attacks while your counter is active, it will deal a 1.5X amount of damage with a devastating sword attack. Ghirahim summons a single sword for this move.)

Side>B – Double Slash (Ghirahim leaps forward, summoning his twin black blades, slashing once with each sword. Hitting the player twice with high damage, but the attack requires him to lung through the air, leaving him vulnerable if the attack is dodged.)

Neutral B – Dagger Toss (Ghirahim hurls his dagger in a direct line at his enemies, a projectile that will continue all the across the stage and return to Ghirahim. It can hurt a player as it is going forward or returning to the player. Ghirahim can only toss one dagger at a time.)

Final Smash – Diamond Destruction! (Ghirahim transforms into his diamond skin final form from Skyward Sword and wails on the player with his enormous sword (used in the final battle). The sword is a hulking bruiser of a sword, which like in the game will eventually shatter on impact, ending the Final Smash and sending players with high damage soaring off their doom.

“Ghirahim is the most exuberant villain in the Zelda series. He has a cool mix of magic attacks and physical attacks, making him very versatile and easy to design for. It’s always great to see villains in Super Smash Bros. Additionally, if you want to get really creative, Ghirahim could have his own codec-style conversations in which he insults the fashion of the different characters. Mario: “Ugh, where did he get that hat, it’s utterly hideous. And those overalls, 1985 is calling…”

Joining the roster as Adam Barham’s pick is the girl who was at battle with everybody, including herself…

Image result for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Up^B – Golden Feather (Madeline grabs a golden feather and flies upward in a controlled direction. This can also be used to ram into other players as an attack.)

Down^B – Strawberry (Madeline grabs a strawberry and can either throw it at an enemy, or eat it to temporarily boost movement speed and damage.)

Side>B – Dash (Madeline dashes in the direction of input. This can be used as an attack in any direction, or as a recovery.)

Neutral B – Steady Breathing (Madeline imagines a feather floating up and down with her breathing. This restores health.)

Final Smash – Acceptance (Madeline accepts the negative aspects of herself, and that makes her stronger. She can now use Dash twice in a row, and Steady Breathing heals more. Her basic attacks also deal more damage.)

“Madeline is the main character of Celeste, which is a fantastic game in and of itself. She’s relatable, and her character is simply charming. Her game is already on the Switch, so she technically does have connections to Nintendo. Her moveset is also an interesting twist on a mix of some of the basic move options that other characters have, such as controlled dashes and healing abilities. I think she’d be an interesting and fun character to play as.”

Kristen Rosario uses his pick on a certain Keyblade Warrior who’s no stranger to crossing over into different worlds…

Image result for sora smash bros

Up^B – Aerial Sweep (While Sora has his standard spinning high jump from the series, this recovery move has him doing his signature rising attack, giving him a much more vertical reach.)

Down^B – Thunder (Timing button presses unleashes full combo. This special summons a single lightning bolt to strike an enemy. However, the spell’s area-of-effect is expanded with each timed button press.)

Side>B – Strike Raid (Timing button presses unleashes full combo. Sora throws his keyblade at the enemy. With timed button presses, this attack can be used consecutively five times, leading into a critical finish on the fifth throw.)

Neutral B – Reflect (Sora produces a barrier of light for a second that guards from attacks. If shield is hit physically, the shield will counterattack.)

*In regards to the Thunder, Strike Raid, and Reflect Abilities: There will be an MP meter located under Sora’s HUD. Similar to how Robin’s works, if this meter runs out, then Sora will be unable to use those three abilities for a short amount of time. He can regain his MP by letting it recharge, wherein it’ll become available again eventually. Also getting eliminated recharges it as well. Each of the three abilities have a different amount of MP they use.

Final Smash – Trinity Limit (Sora shrouds himself in light as he summons a glowing sphere and sigil, then releases that energy in an explosion of light by thrusting his Keyblade into the sigil. This attack covers the entire main platform area and can only be escaped from if the other players are either high in the air, or off the main platform.)

“The main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, Sora is somebody who, if you level up high enough, becomes a certifiable, keyblade-wielding badass. He already comes from a bizarre game crossover franchise, so why can’t he join another? His move list is already vast based on the five games(ish) that he’s starred in alone. Plus if he joins in, then you’re technically adding Disney to the already monstrous list of companies involved with the Smash series! Sora’s always encountered all types of different characters from the world’s he’s visited, so even if you do add him to the World of Light story mode, he would fit right in!”

Almog Rimmer uses his pick to bring a little divinity to Super Smash Bros. ZD

Image result for okami smash bros

Up^B – Holy Falcon (jumping in the air while doing a front flip, accumulating attack power represented by holy light. That attack power can damage opponents)

Down^B – Glaive Plunge (Amaterasu slams hard on the ground with a big sword, creating small shock-waves on the ground. Both sword and shock-waves damage opponents)

Side>B – Counter Dodge (A short leap while turning around once, that like the Holy Falcon uses attack power represented by holy light to damage opponents while dodging their attacks)

Neutral B – Digging Champ (Amaterasu starts digging rapidly, throwing rubble and dirt behind her to damage opponents)

Final Smash – The Midnight Wonder Boy (Entering draw mode and drawing 3 big cherry bombs on screen which explode immediately, creating fireworks. The force from the blasts will send opponents rocketing towards their K.O.)

“Amaterasu is a really fun character to play with in Okami, and I think she’ll make a very good fighter. With use of God techniques, a range of weapons (reflectors, rosaries and glaives), and even the celestial brush, she makes a good candidate for the Smash roster.”

Next, we have Simon Rayner‘s pick. Straight from the mean streets of Shibuya…

Image result for neku smash bros

Up^B – Teleport (Neku teleports in any direction you choose.)

Side>B – Flames (Neko summons a growing line of flames forward from Neku, which will stretch as long as you hold the button and will stop at the edge of a platform.)

Down^B – Massive Hit (Neku leaps forward with a conjured energy sword. The longer you charge the more powerful the slash.)

Neutral B – Force Rounds (Neku fires weak, yet quick projectiles that home in on other fighters.)

Final Smash – Ultimate Nexus Ray (Using the energy of his partners, Neku slices an X and unleashes a giant energy beam that can be aimed.)

“Not only is The World Ends With You horrendously underrated, moody protagonist Neku could easily be one of the most versatile fighters the series has ever seen! Riddled with emo angst and a sufficient amount of Square Enix-approved spikes and zippers, Neku’s an ESPer of incredible skill with access to a wide range of Psyches and abilities. Projectiles, slices, energy swords, and elemental mastery are all skills he can whip out in battle, rivaling Mega Man’s hefty repertoire of signature moves. Much like Palutena, Neku could have access to a plethora of special attacks and be fully customizable, whilst a light luck could also be part of his play style. At times his moves are stronger than others, luck and timing playing into his fighting style. As a game that holds fashion, brands, and trends as a key mechanic, it would also be cool to see lil’ Nekky decked out in different outfits. Perhaps a Mr. Mew cat costume too?”

I bet you won’t even see this next one coming. Judy Calder has summoned up…

Up^B – Garo Dodge (Garo Master leaps backwards.)

Down^B – Garo Drop (Garo Master vanishes into thin air land re-appears to land heavily on top of opponent.)

Side>B – Garo Spin (Garo Master rushes around the arena, spinning with his flaming swords outstretched.)

Neutral B – Garo Rush (Garo Master charges at opponent in a mad rush to swipe at him with his flaming swords.)

Final Smash – Ultimate Garo Drop (Garo Master summons two Garo who surround the opponent while he performs the ultimate Garo Drop, swiping his flaming swords as he lands.)

“I prefer to play as Zelda characters in Smash, so the Garo Master was an obvious choice for me. I think the fact that he is the Master of Spies is pretty cool, and this drew me to choose him. He put up a good battle in his own game — it was quite frantic if you weren’t ready for it! — and I think he would do the same in Smash!”

Bringing some much needed melodic finesse to the roster, Euan Crombie picks…

Image result for chorus kids smash bros

Up^B – Blue Birds (The blue birds launch you into the air — stretch out your neck!)

Down^B – Crop Stomp (Stomps on the ground and pulls up a crop, which flies into the air and can damage fighters on its descent.)

Side>B – Lockstep (Slams hand out to side and foot to opposite side. Use in time to the music to strengthen the attack!)

Neutral B – Acapella (Use the power of your vocal chords to stun nearby fighters! The longer you harmonize, the larger the stun radius!)

Final Smash – Shoot ‘em Up! (Several targets appear on other fighters, press A in time to the beat to hit them!)

Rhythm Heaven is such an underrated series, and who doesn’t want to see these cheeky chappies causing mischief and mayhem in the Smash universe?”

Savannah Gault uses her pick on a fighter anxious to answer destiny’s call…

Up^B – Sticky Trip Mines (He can throw sticky trip mines, which can attach to either walls, etc, or to another character. He then detonates it, sending those close by flying.)

Down^B – Fan of Daggers (With a quick spin, he releases a fan of seven daggers, dealing critical damage.)

Side>B – Solar Fireball (A giant fireball gathers in his hands, which he then launches forward.)

Neutral B – Flying Dagger (He throws three daggers in quick succession.)

Final Smash – Golden Gun (Cayde braces himself and aims his gun, shooting out 3 powerful shots that sends the target flying. He then blows away the smoke at the tip of the gun and holsters it with a smirk.)

“Cayde has always been one of my favorite characters in Destiny. He’s witty, clever, and a lot of times, just pretty darn funny. I felt that he was a really creative character in the game and helped add a little humor to it as well. Not only that, but he’s got quite a few different moves that would fit in great with Smash. But let’s be honest, his humor is the real winner in my opinion — as is his voice actor.”

Picking a cold character to match his cold heart, Taylor Wells welcomes…

Up^B – Ice Klone (Depending on the direction held, Sub-Zero leaps diagonally backwards or forwards, leaving an Ice Klone for a short time wherever he was when initiating the move. If an opponent collides with this Klone, they are frozen for a small window of time. This can lead to interesting ledge traps or mid-air recovery.)

Down^B – Ice Slide (Sub-Zero slides a medium distance by freezing the ground beneath him. If he connects with his opponent, it launches them in the air diagonally behind him. This can combo into his back air moves.)

Side>B – Ice Burst (Sub-Zero slams the ground with an ice covered fist, creating a small explosion of ice shards. Depending on positioning, this will launch the opponent up or forwards for combos.)

Neutral B – Ice Blast (Sub-Zero throws out his traditional ball of ice towards an opponent, freezing them for a short window if it connects.)

Final Smash – Brutality (Sub-Zero grabs an opponent next to him and performs a multi-hit combo for massive damage. At the end of it, the screen fades to black as the Smash announcer proclaims “BRUTALITY.” If at KO percent, the announcer adds, “Flawless Victory!” with the screen returning to normal to show Sub-Zero in his classic win pose.)

“Almost as long as there has been Street Fighter, there has been Mortal Kombat. With the inclusion of two Street Fighter icons (Ryu and Ken), why not one of the most popular characters from MK? Sub-Zero has a lot of potential for being an up-close-and-personal fighter while still having some interesting tricks to slow down his foes. Combine this with his ability to freeze opponents mid-air and you’ve got a fun royal rumble to come. Plus who doesn’t want to see a Final Smash where the opponent is potentially ended rightly? If Death can kill Luigi, why can’t Sub-Zero brutalize in a fade-to-black?”

From fighting the Covenant to fighting in Super Smash Bros. ZD, Kat Vadam picks…

Up^BBane of Truth (He grabs his enemy by the neck and stabs them with his plasma sword, the Prophets’ Bane.)

Down^B – No Honor in Bloodshed (This move is reflective of traditional training in the House of Vadam. A variety of random hand-to-hand combat maneuvers, including grappling, throws, and punches.)

Side>B – Lead to Battle (His form of a dash special, especially useful when used as a dodge back or followed up with a forward maneuver, such as “No Honor in Bloodshed” or “Bane of Truth.” Increases normal dash speed twofold.)

Neutral B – Plasma Pistol (He pulls his plasma pistol from its holster and fires it.)

Final Smash – Cleansing Light (He hops in his ship and glasses the stage with its ventral beam.)

“Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam is a massively complex character who goes through some of the most intense development over the course of the Halo series. But, for obvious reasons, he’s not the character most people think of first. Personally, though, he is my favorite, and I think he deserves more recognition. “For Sanghelios!””

Nothing feels better after a long day’s work than letting loose in Smash. Katie Zezulka picks…

Up^B – Pitchfork Pogo (Farmer jumps up and uses his pitchfork like a pogo stick, crashing down on foes heads blade-side-out)

Down^B – Seed Plant (Farmer plants a seed on an opponent’s head which saps away their health, similar to Lip’s Stick)

Side>B – Sickle Slide (Farmer throws out a sickle in a straight line. The sickle spins for as long as you hold the button down.)

Neutral B – Got Milk? (Throws a bucket of milk onto a nearby opponent, slowing their movement to a dead crawl for a second.)

Final Smash – Livestock! (Farmer summons up all of their livestock, from cows to chickens, to stampede over everybody.)

“I think it would give a little aggression to the basically non-violent game of Harvest Moon. And the series is amazing and needs so much more love than it gets! An appearance of the Farmer in such a big game could really do a lot to hype the series and bring it some new life. Plus, you could have a male or female Farmer, which is always nice”

Bobby Chichester channels the power of the Earth to unleash this golden fighter…

Up^B – Growth (Summons a plant to lift Felix into the air, charges up to become Wild Growth.)

Down^B – Spire (Depending on the charge, drops more spires on an area, dealing more damage.)

Side>B – Ragnarok (Summons a sword at a location nearby to pierce the ground and follow up an explosion. With enough charge becomes Odyssey, hitting 5 times and carrying Felix horizontally)

Neutral B – Gaia (Point blank damage that leaves a slowing field for a few seconds. becomes Grand Gaia when charged, increasing the range of the attack, damage of the slowing field and increasing the duration)

Final Smash – Megiddo (Felix draws the Sol Blade and smashes a meteor into the battlefield.)

Golden Sun was an iconic RPG series, and while Isaac was the protagonist of the first game, Felix is really the hero of the story. And while his actions might seem villainous at first, it’s revealed he knows all along why the journey must take place. This franchise means a lot to me, and it got me through some of my darkest days. Felix is an outstanding character, and despite being a silent protagonist, his quiet determination is commented on at least once and remains his most outstanding trait to me.”

Gooey Fame uses his pick to cause a blue storm with a fighter who rides a jet ski…

Up^B – Dolphin (Ryota is lifted into the air from his Jet Ski by a jumping dolphin. If you want it could do a cool trick too!)

Down^B – Dive (Drives the jet ski towards the ground if in the air, or straight forward if on the ground. It’s sort of like the Falcon Kick, I suppose, but instead of a rush of fire, it’s a rush of water. Also all of these moves will have a cool rush of water!)

Side>B – Barrel Roll (Does a spinning roll that can catch an enemy and cause multiple, yet weaker hits.)

Neutral B – Backflip (Does a backflip of course. Creates a brief reflective wave shield.)

Final Smash – MAXIMUM POWER!! (The announcer from Wave Race 64 yells “MAXIMUM POWER” as you light up and a bunch of other Wave Race Jet Skiers ride across the screen and cause damage.

Wave Race 64 was a nice little gem on the Nintendo 64, and it would be cool to see this kind of goofy entry get some representation in the series. It would be a big shot of nostalgia for me. That being said, the most important thing this could bring to Smash is the ripping soundtrack. For those who don’t know, the Wave Race 64 soundtrack was composed by Kazumi Totaka. Totaka gave us the soundtracks to many beloved Nintendo games, and this soundtrack could stand alongside them. It’s full of fast-paced, energetic songs that make you want to hop on a jet ski. Nothing would bring me more joy than to hear these 64-era slapping tunes be reimagined in Smash Bros.


And there you have it! Zelda Dungeon’s *ultimate* fantasy roster for a Super Smash Bros. game. Tri Force Heroes vs. Ghirahim! The Drifter vs. Arbiter! Black Mage vs. Sora! These are the kind of dream matches that you wish could actually settle in Smash. Putting together a list like this is always fun, and when I asked the editors to dream big for their picks, I was blown away by how I could actually see in my head these characters interacting in Smash alongside mainstays like Mario and Samus!

We’re not satisfied though! We want to hear who YOU would pick as a fighter if you could pick anybody? What would their moves be? What would their stage be like? Any Assist Trophies to accompany them into the battlefield? We want to know it all! Let us know in the comments be-



Oh, you didn’t think we could resist throwing in some secret characters, did you?


This wouldn’t be a Zelda Dungeon list without some Zelda love. Behold, the one known only as…

Up^B – Bot (Error grabs onto his trusted purple Bot as he flies him up a considerable distance. Recovery move only, no attack.)

Down^B – Bit (Error transforms into Bit, ducking down and avoiding any incoming attacks. Will also move at high speeds.)

Side>B – Bridge (Error throws out a white bridge at foes, damaging all those who come in contact with it.)

Neutral B – Bagu Bash (Error winds up for a big punch and connects. The longer the hold, the harder the punch. Works similar to DK’s punch.)

Final Smash – I AM ERROR (Error summons up giant letters spelling out the iconic quote. I AM ERROR comes down one word at a time, heavily damaging anyone who is hit.)

It seems only fitting that in a Zelda Dungeon list, the first secret character comes from the Zelda series. Error is a (in)famous character from Zelda II that has transcended the confines of his game and has gone on to live not only in Zelda history, but gaming history. And hey, when thinking about it, Error could have some pretty decent attacks to boot. We thought it would be fun to integrate the famous quote into his Final Smash, having the text crash on opponents.

The internet sensation is reimagined and reanimated for Super Smash Bros. ZD

Image result for bowsette smash

Up^B – Spiked Whip (Bowsette throws her whip and dashes toward where it lashes. Can be used to grab edges, and as a recovery move.)

Down^B – Spike (Bowsette poses and firey spikes shoot out on either side of her.)

Side>B – Horn Crown (Bowsette launches her crown at enemies, upon impact, spikes come out and trap an opponent in place.)

Neutral B – Fire Breath (Bowsette spits fire from her mouth for as long as you hold down a button.)

Final Smash – Giga Bowsette (She removes her transformative crown and turns back into Giga Bowsette for a short time, crushing everybody she contacts.)

There’s a saying that goes “strike while the iron is hot”. And while some of the craze may have died down, like it or not, you can’t deny Bowsette was the hottest thing on the internet for weeks. Super Smash Bros. ZD was frankly in need of some more powerful female characters, and Bowsette has no problem stepping into that role. Bowsette is bae, and with her potentially dominating moveset, we could see her becoming a lot of players mains.

What’s this?! Even Super Smash Bros. ZD has Echo Fighters?!…

Up^B – Spooky Whip (Booette throws her whip and dashes toward where it lashes. Can be used to grab edges, and as a recovery move.)

Down^B – Boo (Booette poses and Boo’s shoot out on either side of her.)

Side>B – Haunted Crown (Booette launches her crown at enemies; upon impact, Boo’s come out and trap an opponent in place.)

Neutral B – Sludge Breath (Booette spits sludge from her mouth for as long as you hold down a button.)

Final Smash – Giga Booette (She removes her transformative crown and turns into Giga Booette for a short time, crushing everybody she contacts.)

One vixen deserves another. Although Booette would be an Echo Fighter of Bowsette, there are still enough unique qualities to justify her inclusion. Replacing all of Bowsette’s flames with ghosts, Booette would pose a spooky challenge to any fighter she came across. And who wouldn’t want to see a deathmatch between her and a vacuum-wielding Luigi?

The father of all video game memes is here to take your base. Make your time…

Up^B – Great Justice (CATS floats up majestically, launching himself in any direction across the screen. Used primarily as a recovery move, but will do minimal damage when coming in contact with a foe.)

Down^B – Move Zig (CATS releases a miniature ship from his trenchcoat that runs along the course, damaging anything it comes in contact with. Similar to Bowser Jr.’s Mecha Koopa attack.)

Side>B – Set Up Us The Bomb (CATS reaches into his coat and pulls out a ridiculously huge bomb that detonates four seconds later.)

Neutral B – Ha Ha Ha (CATS lets out a evil laugh, with the text of “HA” coming out of his mouth damaging anyone that is close enough to it. Can be held down for continuous laughter.)

Final Smash – All Your Base Are Belong To Us (CATS summons up a fiery Zero Wing ship to the battlefield, which explodes and deals huge damage to everyone.)

In A.D. 2101 War was beginning. What happen ? Somebody set up us the bomb. We get signal. What ! Main screen turn on. It’s you !! How are you gentlemen !! All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction. What you say !! You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha ha … !! Take off every ‘ZIG’!! You know what you doing. Move ‘ZIG’. For great justice…

The most notorious glitch in gaming history is here to crash the party…

Image result for missingno smash bros

Up^B – Pixel Stretch (Missingno’s pixels all elongate, allowing Missingno to travel great lengths across the battlefield.)

Down^B – Glitchy Surf (Missingno shoots a stream of heavy water at its opponents. Looks like it might be the water from the shores of Cinnabar Island.)

Side>B – Rare Candy (Missingno shoots out a barrage of pixelating rare candies, glitching them out for a continuous stream.)

Neutral B – Phase (Missingno’s pixels fade out of reality, allowing it to dodge incoming attacks.)

Final Smash – Game Crash (MissingNo summons everyone to a Game Boy screen showing the classic encounter of a player with MissingNo. Just as the trainer catches No, the game crashes, which deals massive damage to everyone trapped in the Game Boy.)

Who doesn’t remember exploiting this glitch by surfing along the coast of Cinnabar Island? A chance encounter with the glitch known as Missingno would duplicate whatever item happened to be in your sixth item slot, leading to some game-breaking stats if used to generate infinite Master Balls and Rare Candies. We tried to incorporate elements of the glitch into Missingno’s moveset and came up with something pretty cool, honoring one of the most famous glitches ever.

Because if Piranha Plant can be a character, so can…

Up^B – Toilet Plunge (??? flushes, causing a huge burst of water to propel it and its toilet upwards.)

Down^B – Dead Hands (??? grabs a hold on the head of the nearest competitor, stunning them and sucking small bits of health away.)

Side>B – Paper Swipe (??? Throws a line of paper at its opponents, causing more damage the further away ??? is from it’s target.)

Neutral B – Stinky Smash (??? disappears into the toilet bowl for a second, coming back up with a soft, stinky object in its hand, bashing a foe over the head with it.)

Final Smash – The Big Flush (??? grabs a singular enemy. The screen changes to a big toilet with the grabbed enemy inside, with ??? flushing him down into oblivion.)

Listen. Listen. If Piranha Plant can move around in a pipe, the hand can move around in a porta-potty. We wanted to replicate the absolute absurdity of seeing that damn plant revealed at the last Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, and with ???, I think we’ve done just that. Maybe we could implement Link’s prize for collecting 900 Korok seeds into his moveset somehow…


And there it is. Our full fantasy roster. What do you guys think? Who would you main in Super Smash Bros. ZD? You think any of these characters have an actual shot? Let us know in the comments below, and everyone have a great time playing Smash Bros.!

Andy Spiteri is the Editor-In-Chief of Zelda Dungeon. He loves Lucas in a non-creepy way. Follow him and the rest of the Zelda Dungeon team who helped make this amazing roster over on Twitter!


Hyper Light Drifter by Smashified

Decidueye by nanobuds

Sora by UnMandoParaDos

Amaterasu by US Gamer

Neku by Elemental-Aura

Garo Master by EllenArt

Chorus Kids by Tr1pleDee

Booette by Kakage0904

Missingno by Elemental-Aura

All other characters by Zelda Dungeon’s Simon Rayner


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