The Zelda Dungeon and Zeldathon collaborative 96-Hour Zelda Marathon is set to begin… Tuesday afternoon! That’s right, it will be starting at approximately 4:00pm US Eastern Time tomorrow (or later today depending on when you read this news post). If you haven’t heard of it yet… it is a 96-Hour marathon where we will be playing pretty much all of the Legend of Zelda games in the series. Not only will we be touching on just about all of the console and handheld titles, but we’ll also be streaming some multiplayer Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, and even the unlicensed Phillips CD-i Zelda games!

I will be attending the event in person, joining the Zeldathon team throughout the marathon. We’ll be live streaming the games while simultaneously having a webcam setup. Not only will you be able to see us while we are playing, but you’ll also be able to interact with us via a live embedded chatroom. You can check out the event over at Zeldathon or right here at Zelda Dungeon. Once we are near the start of the event, both sites will be updating their page with the live video stream front and center.

Throughout the marathon we will be taking donations, raising money for the American Red Cross. Additionally, as we reach certain milestones in donations, we will be taking on certain challenges, such as the Phillips CD-i Zelda games! There are tons of prizes, fun events lined up, and plenty of Zelda gaming and discussion. You certainly don’t want to miss the best Zelda party of the summer! Be sure to check back tomorrow afternoon, and over the course of the next five days as we tear through the entire Zelda series in a 96-hour marathon!


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