Today marks the one year anniversary of the official launch of our very own Zelda Wiki. While the Wiki actually opened up a few months prior to the launch, it was this post that triggered the start of our now one-year long journey. On this date last year, the Zelda Dungeon Wiki had just surpassed 100 articles. Flash forward a full year and we can now celebrate 3,000 articles on the Wiki!

To celebrate the launch, we’ve completely revamped the Wiki Index Page, now complete with a featured article, featured image, fun trivia, announcements, and information about the Wiki. While we are very pleased with the progression of the Wiki, we realize we still have a long ways. As of this post there are 3,018 pages on the Wiki, but there are still another 1,138 Wanted Pages waiting to be created. That’s where you come in! It takes just seconds to Register an Account at the Wiki, and then you can immediately start helping out.

In the past year we have transitioned almost all of our game index pages to the Wiki and we’ve constantly been in the progress of transitioning a lot of our game content and Zelda information. I personally have been working on several projects over the last few months. Some of which are complete, near complete, or are ongoing. The Oracle of Seasons and Ages Magical Rings was a recent project that I had completed. However, other ongoing projects I’ve had include the Strategy Guides page, Spirit Tracks Enemy Gallery, and most recently, the Oracle of Ages Characters.

The Zelda Dungeon Wiki is the future of game content here at the site and we are pleased to work alongside many of the frequent Zelda Dungeon fans in helping it grow. Thanks to everybody that has contributed and we look forward to continue working with you all in making our Zelda Wiki your definitive, one-stop-shop for all Zelda information.

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