Come join us this Sunday August 29th, as we will be hosting a live video stream starting at 11:00am US Center Time Zone. We are going to be live streaming Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon for the Philps CD-i home console. The game is notoriously known for it’s awfulness and you’ll get to experience that live with me! I’ll likely have several Zelda Dungeon members with me providing live audio commentary throughout the stream. Next to the embedded video there will be an interactive chatroom in which you can chat with us and we’ll be answering your questions. It’s sure to be a good time, so be sure to check us out this Sunday at 11:00am US Central Time.

Furthermore, updating on what’s going on at our YouTube Channel. Caleb has just about completed the video version of our Twilight Princess Walkthrough. He has been uploading one video a day for most of the Summer now and is just about near the end of the game. This will mark the second video walkthrough that Caleb has completed as earlier this year he finished up the video version of our Ocarina of Time Walkthrough. If you haven’t seen either of his video guides, just simply click read more and you can view the first videos of each walkthrough embedded right here at Zelda Dungeon. After Twilight Princess has been completed, there will likely be a few weeks off from walkthrough uploads, but then we’ll jump right into our next video guide, so be sure to stay tuned.

Hope to see you all this Sunday, August 29th at 11am US Central Time for the Live Stream!

Ocarina of Time Video Walkthrough
Twilight Princess Video Walkthrough

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