After several weeks gone by without a podcast, the live Zelda Dungeon video podcast returns later today at 9pm US Central Time. As usual, the podcast will be streamed live right onto the Zelda Dungeon Forums right next to the shoutbox. If you are a registered forum member, you can participate in the shoutbox and interact with fellow Zelda Dungeon members while the podcast is going on.

The podcast will include the discussion of recent Zelda and Nintendo related news, a specific forum topic discussion, and a question and answer section. If you have a question that is Zelda related that you’d like to ask for the podcast, feel free to send me an email at or send a private message to me at the forums.

As usual, once the podcast is concluded I will remain online for several hours, streaming live while playing various games, and interacting with the forum members. Hope to see you there at 9pm US Central Time!

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