The 6th Live Zelda Dungeon Video Podcast aired yesterday at roughly 9:10pm Central US time and lasted just under 54 minutes. There were at one point 34 members actively participating in the shoutbox during the live stream, which is the most the podcast has ever seen. Throughout the podcast, Caleb and I talked about recent news at the website and recent changes at the forums. We also had a special guest, Gravity, Webmaster of Game Mirage. We had a short interview where Gravity talked about how he got into Zelda, how he started in the Zelda community, and then a bit of information about his website.

The podcast then moved into the featured thread discussion, where we talked about the Life as a Kokiri. The topic eventually skewed off into a general discussion about the Kokiri where we took user quotes from the thread, gave our own comments about the topic, and also used input from members that were participating within the shoutbox. The podcast ended with the usual question and answer section. You can watch the video at the link below.

Zelda Dungeon Video Podcast #6

The aftermath of the podcast lasted a few hours. Shortly after the podcast ended, there was about an hour or so break until the after party began. The standard Mases jukebox was in place as I played DJ to the members that were in the shoutbox. Afterwords, we had the 2nd ‘Name That Zelda Tune’ contest at the forums where 20 or so members were participating. Staff member at the website, Dabombster, should have won, but as he was the winner of the 1st Name That Zelda Tune, he received a handicap and the end result was a new winner, Keats. Congratulations to Keats and thanks to everybody else who participated throughout the podcast.

Be sure to join us for the next podcast on Saturday, March 14th. As we approach the date, I will give detailed information as to what time it will take place.

~ Mases
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