zelda makerWelcome back to the latest installment of Zelda Dungeon Talks! This week we have asked a group of our intrepid writers to share their thoughts on fan games. Do they love them or hate them, would they recommend one to a friend, have they ever even played one? Several of our writers joined in on the conversation and you can too in the comments below.

For now the question on the docket this week is; Would you ever consider or do you enjoy playing fan games? Head on past the break to find out what they had to say.

Jon Lett – View Profile

I have not really been one for fan-made Zelda games. Most will be built off of the styles of the original 2D Zelda titles, and while those are all well and good, I feel like there is not a lot of variation from that. I love the classic top-downs, but I doubt that puzzles in custom games will be too different. Now, If people successfully make a great “Zelda Maker” type of dungeon designer, then I could try making my own, and that sounds like a lot more fun. I would definitely give that a try.

Thomas Jacobs – View Profile

Fangames are currently limited to the 2D spectrum. While certain 3D hacks exist these are mostly minor visual changes (or the visual messups as seen in PBG’s hack videos, or the infamous Cage of Time edit). As for a 2D fangame, personally I have never played one. However, I do think that there is a market for one. Given the massive success of Mario Maker, making a similar concept but with Zelda games is very much possible. There can be a style for Zelda 1, A Link to the Past, the Oracle games plus Link’s Awakening, the DS games and of course A Link Between Worlds. Maybe even the side-scrolling from Adventure of Link and the Oracle games plus Link’s Awakening. Through a mix of the traditional one-room-per-screen layout of Zelda 1 and Link’s Awakening, the larger rooms from the other game and of course nice outdoor areas, all filled with a variety of monsters, puzzles and the fan-made courses that have to be done perfectly in one particular way otherwise you won’t be able to pull it off. And of course remakes from the classical levels. I would certainly play a game like this and the levels made in this by the fans.

Alexis Anderson – View Profile

I would definitely consider playing fanmade Zelda games, though I can’t say that I ever have before. I often admire the work that developers in the fan community do, especially when it comes to making 3D Zelda titles into 2D games (I love that pixelated aesthetic), but I know that some of the more prospective projects get cease and desist orders. Non Profit fan games, I have no problem with. However, I do see the issues in making fan made games that aren’t free, and would personally not purchase an unlicensed Zelda game. This makes it difficult to produce quality fan games, though, as a lot of time and effort goes into making them and without funding they can’t often be made to meet the standards of the developers. So yes, I love the idea of playing fangames, but I’ve never been presented with one enticing or full enough for me to fully invest my time in.

Alasyn Eletha – View Profile

I haven’t actually ever played any fan games, but I would consider at least trying one out to see how it goes. It’s like another form of fan art, and if someone were to put a lot of hard work in creating something Zelda inspired for the benefit of other Zelda fans, then I’m all for it. Any expression of love for the series is always such a pleasure to see and I never turn down the opportunity to support that kind of devotion to something that has touched a lot of people’s lives.

Jarrod Hadrian – View Profile

I enjoy playing fan games when they are done right. If I am able to play a fan made game that manages to capture the spirit of the franchise that it is an extension of then it will be enjoyable. If the game is believable then I find that I will be much more likely to play it. I have not played too many fan made Zelda games but once that I did play was Lost Isle which I found via this site. It was very enjoyable, with a Link’s Awakening feel.  I think I might try Isle of Rebirth because it is one of the others listed in the fan made Zelda games section that sparked my interest.

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