roller While we’ve still got quite awhile to wait for Nintendo’s attractions at Universal to be all wrapped up and ready for the public, it’s safe to say that at least one Legend of Zelda themed structure will be included. Being an Action-Adventure series with dungeons, shops, castles, and mini-games galore Universal has quite a bit to work with. Crafting the perfect Legend of Zelda attraction is sure to bring in patrons, so let’s find out just what rides, restaurants, gift-shops, or homages to the series the Zelda fanbase is really clamouring for.

In this week’s ZD Talks the staffers provided their dream-Universal-Zelda-attractions. After reading, let us know in the comments what you’re hoping to see brought to life at Universal!

Alexis Anderson – View Profile

I’ve been really banking on a recreation of Telma’s Bar making an appearance as an eatery at Nintendo’s spot in Universal. It’s really simple, they can just serve basic food but it can look like the bar (but, be much bigger). They can have lots of Zelda memorabilia hanging up around the place, and every now and then one of those realistic holograms could pop up of Midna riding Wolf Link up on the rafters! Other than that, I haven’t really thought about it. Something from Ocarina of Time should definitely be there, though. Maybe a Water Temple water-ride? Oh! And they should totally build the Clock Tower from Majora’s Mask to denote the whole area from afar. There won’t be an entire Zelda-devoted area, let’s be real, but a girl can dream.

Jon Lett – View Profile

“Rides” are honestly hard to think of regarding a Zelda park. I can imagine aesthetically theming typical rides after Zelda would all well and cool, especially if Nintendo goes above and beyond with it, but beyond those recognizable rides, I cannot think of any. Personally, I could see a Zelda-themed “resort” type of area working much better. Spas based on the Goron hotsprings, horseback riding with Epona, drinks from Telma’s Bar, music from the Indi-go-go’s (and various fan-fave Zelda tunes, of course), monster-filled archery ranges, and more. Tingle, Fyer, Falbi, Purlo and a number of other people could act as hosts to tours and attractions, and various races could be quite well-represented all over with the right costume work. Who knows? Perhaps professional cosplayers could find work here. Plus, think of the shops. Masks, themed jewelry, prop weapons and items, food and “potion” drinks from various series titles, and who knows what else? I think Zelda being made into this sort of set of attractions would be really cool, but “rides”, which usually come with Universal locations, could be tricky.

Thomas Jacobs – View Profile

To see an actual ride you’d need something iconic that has hauled Link around in the games. The first two things that’d come to mind would be Epona and the King of Red Lions. Personally I think that a full-on motion simulator where you follow Link around and see things as he experiences them to be an option, or perhaps have a ride on Epona or the King of Red Lions. A simpler option would be to just copy Hyrule Castle Town or Clock Town and have people experience the Legend of Zelda from up close. Such an option will also allow for some shows for people to experience, which has the potential for being amazing as well.

Kira Koneko – View Profile

Can I just say, yes, yes, and more yes to all of the above mentioned ideas! I am seriously on board with each and every one! For my part for some reason I really love the idea of recreating Hyrule Castle in all its glory! We have seen the castle turned into a dark and mysterious place on many of occasions as the forces of evil tried to take over, and there are several parts of the castle that have even been used as dungeons. So why not recreate it in a style similar to what you see the in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with Hogwarts. The castle itself is amazing and awed souring and he ride within is fairly simple but laid out with all kinds of things that are recognizable from the various adventures within the world of Harry Potter. There are even parts of the ride where you go outside and that where we would be able to see Epona waiting for us! Small disclaimer this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I am a huge Harry Potter fan, I swear!!!!!!!

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