Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s edition of Zelda Dungeon Talks! This time around we will be looking at which home or handheld console presents the best way to play Zelda games. With the amount of consoles we have seen Zelda games on we have quite a few choices here. When The Wind Waker was remade for the Wii U in the form of the beautiful Wind Waker HD we were given one of the smoothest experiences yet. Being able to switch out your equipped items on the fly using the gamepad was extremely convenient for all of us who hate pausing the game just to switch out items every time we need them. We got a really unique experience with Skyward Sword and its innovative 1:1 motion controls, putting Link’s sword in our hand. Then we have handheld Zelda titles ranging all the way from the Gameboy to the 3DS giving us new experiences on the go as well as sending us back on nostalgic adventures through Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora’s Mask 3D. But hey there’s nothing wrong with traditional controllers when playing Zelda games, in the end they are the ones giving us familiar and comfortable experiences. So what do you guys think? Which console gives us the best Zelda experience?

In this week’s edition of Zelda Dungeon Talks, various staff members will share with us their opinion on which console presents the best way to play Zelda games. I’d still like to encourage readers to have a go at sharing their own opinions in the comments section. If you’d like you could also send an email to zeldadungeontalks@gmail.com if you would like to get your response featured in the upcoming ZD Talks. Next week’s question is  Should there be more Zelda spinoffs or should Nintendo focus on the main series?”.  Make sure to get your responses in by next Monday.

Jon Lett – View Profile

Honestly, I think that they hit the nail on the head with the Wii U. Right from the start, many of us saw the ideal way of playing Zelda on this console, and it was presented to us in The Wind Waker HD. It made perfect use of the Gamepad, letting the player switch out items and check your map seamlessly and instantaneously. I would have chosen the 3DS, as it let us do the same thing on the go, but Ocarina of Time 3D made you pause the game every time you chose a menu. Then there was the Wii, which did not stop gameplay when choosing items, but the map did not share such a function, and in my eyes, as fun as the motion controls are, nothing beats playing Zelda with plain ol’ buttons. The Wii U is perfect for Zelda, and I just know that Zelda Wii U is going to put it to great use.

Jarrod Hadrian – View Profile

At the current moment the Wii U is the best way to play Zelda games, but I feel that the 3DS should of been. Wind Waker HD worked very well with Nintendo putting a lot of thought into how the GamePad can make the game run more smoothly, because of Wind Waker HD I am now interested in using the GamePad for Twilight Princess HD as I am confident in what it will bring to the game. Being able to easily and smoothly switch items mid game in Wind Waker HD was a huge step and the GamePad’s display was what made it possible. It is games such as this that show that the GamePad can be used well if Nintendo actually put the effort in. With all of this being said I feel like the 3DS should be the best way to play a Zelda game as you are looking at two screens at the same time rather than switching your glance to look at the maps. They have been unable to make a 3DS Zelda game in which the second screen made it run very smoothly like the Wind Waker HD did.

Thomas Jacobs – View Profile

The Wii U tablet offers a lot with its second screen, at the cost of having to constantly recharge the thin because of its limited battery life. The other wireless controllers had this far less, and the earlier wired controllers didn’t have this at all of course. Does this comfort outweigh the versatility of the screen? Depends on who you ask. The game with the biggest differences between versions on the consoles is of course Twilight Princess, released on both the GameCube and the Wii. Personally I vastly prefer the Wii version, solely because you can have two items equipped to your buttons at the same time instead of the GameCube’s mere two, despite that the GameCube controller has more buttons than the Wiimote + Nunchuck layout, which is rather odd.

James Djinn – View Profile

Throughout all the advancements that newer consoles present in gameplaying, I still prefer the old fashioned controller over the modern gimmicks. I actually preferred the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess over the Wii one. (being left handed sort of helped make the decision too btw) But I also had collected nearly every previous Zelda game on the console through the special collector’s editions that were released in that time. To this day my Gamecube is still my goto console for nearly every older Zelda game I play. So I like to think that I am more used to playing a Zelda game on a controller rather than a Wiimote or a tablet.

Alexis Anderson – View Profile

While I must say I’ve had my best experiences playing Zelda games on the Wii, I can very clearly see its flaws. Motion control was innovative at the time of the Wii’s release but now it’s just a gimmick, and one that seemed to really bug a lot of Zelda fans. Though I wasn’t one of them, I will concede and say that the GameCube was the best platform to play Zelda games on. It has simple controls that met the needs of Zelda games at the time and many older Zelda games were ported to the Wii to be played with the GameCube controller. I really enjoyed playing Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and even A Link to the Past with GameCube controls. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, it’s a GameCube life for me.


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