d98a7c4ed69aec115e2db38eab4d5040There are certain game aspects that are almost expected in any and all new open-world games, and Breath of the Wild is no exception. Conventions in the series are changing, but usual open-world conventions are entering, as they are staples of sorts for the genre. These include fast travel points, non-linear exploration, cooking, customization equipment, and in line with today’s discussion, shifting weather conditions and respective clothing requirements. There are some that are worried that these closely related elements are unwelcome, leading to nothing more than extra time consumption. Others think it could lead to some amazing situations while travelling the world, and could become a Zelda staple. This week, the ZD staff have given their own thoughts on the subject.

As usual, make sure to hit up the comments with your own thoughts on the new weather and clothing system coming to Link’s newest adventures.

Jon Lett – View Profile

Weather effects are an extremely welcome change. So long as it does not prove overly cumbersome when travelling, and effects fights and basic movement in realistic fashions, I think that it will be welcomed by most players. Perhaps there will be a way to change the weather at will, to solve puzzles and change the way battles play out. As for the clothing requirements, I cannot say that I am not a bit worried about how that will play out. I hope we do not end up having to switch out clothes too much, or end up with a constantly filling inventory of clothing. That being said, I think that it could be an interesting method of customization. Perhaps there are materials that could be crafted into your existing clothes to make them insulated, so you do not have to always switch between too many outfits. I have faith in Nintendo to often exceed my expectations, so perhaps my concerns about the clothes are not important. Either way, get hyped for rain, snow, lightning and more.

Liam Orth – View Profile

I never thought of it as something to be implemented into a Zelda title, but now that I see it, I think it’s absolutely welcome. Because of it, the world around which you play will have a more dynamic sense that pulls you into the world you’re exploring. It puts you into positions where you have to take your surroundings into perspective before progressing, so you don’t rush head-first into a situation you can’t handle. I won’t lie, I’m a bit concerned as to how it will really work in the long run, but from what we’ve seen of it thus far, I think it’s going to be an excellent addition to how we play Zelda, and will hopefully give us a breath of fresh (wild) air for the series.

Thomas Jacobs – View Profile

It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. In Ocarina of Time you had to wear the Goron Tunic when inside Death Mountain and the Zora Tunic to breathe underwater. Twilight Princess had something similar, and Majora’s Mask did something similar with the various masks. In an open world you can’t really construct the same old item gates that the other games had (bombs to get past here, the bow to get past there, the hammer to get over the bridge), so a different items is needed. The clothes can work great for such a purpose. What I am worried about is that the moment you reach a new area that requires a new outfit you have to go on a long time-based treasure hunt to get the item you need, much like we saw in the gameplay footage. It would be a lot more fun to get it just before an area after a suitable quest so that we can get what we need to adventure onwards. Having the weather throw a wrench into the works can be fun as well: if it starts raining you’ll need a coat, if its gets hot you have to switch outfits and so on. It would be great to see the environments react to this as well, like having grass burn faster if it’s dry and hot, or have smaller fires go out if it rains, and have there be a threat of lightning strikes if the weather’s really bad. Then of course I wonder if there will be a way to influence the weather with the instrument de jure: have the Sheikah Slab turn into a keyboard or a harmonica, and have Link pick up songs of lesser plot importance (like the weather songs) in the various Shrines.

Brandon Schmitz – View Profile

When this mechanic was unveiled, I, similarly to Thomas, instantly thought of the special tunics from previous Zelda games. Not only does this feel like a logical extension of what Ocarina of Time introduced, but it also — on the surface, at least — seems to blend in with the kind of world that Breath of the Wild is trying to create. I can see Nintendo doing several neat things with this addition. Like, maybe there are caves with poisonous fumes, requiring Link to wear Zelda’s equivalent of a gas mask. I just hope that these areas with hazardous conditions are spread out a decent distance from one another. It’d be a bit of a pain if the weather constantly impeded the player’s ability to explore, though I don’t necessarily foresee that being an issue.

Alasyn Eletha – View Profile

I’m actually really excited about the concept of having clothing and weather requirements! At first I kind of thought “Come on, Nintendo. We all just want the iconic green tunic.” But then I slept on the idea and remembered that Link was so named as a connection between the player and the game. We all know that Link is his own character, but he’s still technically our avatar into the game, and this concept gives us a little more wiggle room for customization. I know that some fans were a little upset by the lack of female representation, but I think that this along with the overabundance of weapon choices can be the next best thing. On top of that, the entire concept of assessing the weather and dressing accordingly emphasizes the fact that the biggest character to interact with in Breath of the Wild is the open world itself. Players will have to take on survival instincts and tackle the wild as if it were a dungeon all on it’s own, and I think that will be a welcome addition to the Zelda universe.

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