Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Zelda Dungeon Podcast #009

The 9th Zelda Dungeon Podcast took place last night at 4pm Central Time and was just under an hour in length. We ran through the site news and then interviewed our special guest. We had a conversation about the Temple of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass and then went into our Question and Answer section.

Our special guest was TheKingofHyrule, Webmaster of Zelda Capital. Mases asked him about how he got into the Zelda Community and some of his other plans for his website.

We discussed the Temple of the Ocean King and why some people love or hate it. We discussed how we felt about the temple itself as well as some of the aspects about the temple we liked or disliked. We wrapped things up with our usual Question and Answer Section. You can view the podcast by using the link below.

Zelda Dungeon Video Podcast #009

(Sorry about the low video resolution. Mases messed up the encoding when recording the video and in order to upload it, quality had to be sacrificed.)

The after hours of the podcast included a Pokemon battle between Mases and myself. I used my team of evolved Eevees to destroy his team, in particular his beloved Bronzong. After our battle, Mases played the original Legend of Zelda for the members of the forum to watch. We then prepared the first ever Zelda Dungeon Trivia, of which ChargewithSword was the winner. Congratulations to him. Mases then went on to play the original Megaman and wrapped things up by playing a game of Tetris in which he cleared 111 lines.

Thank you to all who attended the podcast and participated in the after hours. A big thanks to TheKingofHyrule for coming out and chatting with us as well. Hope to see you guys at the next podcast!

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