It’s that time again. Here at Zelda Dungeon we are looking to add a few new folks to our news team. The basic responsibility of these staff members is to create and publish articles here at the Zelda Dungeon front page. These articles can consist of actual Zelda news, highlighting articles from around the internet, featuring fan artwork or fan music, or even creating your own discussion articles. There are a few requirements in order to become a news poster at Zelda Dungeon and I’ve highlighted them here in this news post. You can go ahead and make the jump to check out all the steps in the process of becoming a news staff member here at the site.


  • Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Must be proactive in searching for news articles, drafting them, and publishing them here at the website.
  • Must have a Skype account and be able to be online for several hours a day.
  • We don’t necessarily need people to make several posts per day, but ideally, each news poster should be able to make at the minimum of 2-3 posts per week.
  • You should have a firm understanding of the English language and have quality grammar skills.


Here is a listing of the types of posts that we have at Zelda Dungeon. Our posts aren’t necessarily limited to these categories, but this is just an example of the things we could use some help with.

  • Weekly Fan Pieces: We’ve previously had weekly fan artwork and fan music features at the website. It’s fairly self-explanatory, but we had staff members search the various outlets for new and quality pieces of artwork and fan music to feature at the website. The staff members we previously had for these segments have moved on and we are in need of replacements.
  • Zelda News: Zelda related news doesn’t come out too often, but when it does, we need to be on top of it as soon as possible. With all Zelda news, we first give the facts of the actual news and then provide an editorial outlook as to what it could mean. We can deeply analyze whatever type of news that has been revealed and then raise questions to engage the audience.
  • Highlighting Online Articles: Often times we find very interesting editorials online at various gaming websites and blogs. We sometimes feature these pieces at Zelda Dungeon, giving information about the original article, while then providing our own take on the particular topic. This could be an article posted over at a major website such as IGN or Kotaku, while it could also just be an article posted at one of our affiliate websites.
  • Discussion Questions and Talking Points: This category involves raising questions to the Zelda Dungeon audience on hot stove topics. This could be in relation to recent news or general topics around the series. Recent examples have been articles such as, ‘Should Retro Studios handle the upcoming Zelda Wii U title?’, ‘Majora’s Mask 3D or new Nintendo 3DS Zelda Title?’, or ‘Link’s Many Girlfriends in Ocarina of Time.’ These are all topics where the author is able to inject his own opinion, while also providing the readers with facts. These are very much blog-like discussions meant to engage the audience.
  • Countdowns and Listings: Similar to the above topic, we’ve occasionally made news posts about our favorite or least favorite aspects of various topics. Examples of articles we’ve posted in the past include, ‘Eight Reasons You MUST Buy Ocarina of Time 3D’ and ‘Five Things Wrong with Spirit Tracks’. This can be taken to the next step, offering countdowns and listings of your various favorite parts of the series, music, dungeons, items, etc…
  • Sales and Online Deals: Sometimes we post articles when various Zelda goodies become available for sale online. This could be discounts on Zelda games, special bundles, or even just fan created Zelda apparel that is being sold.


This is just a short listing of the types of posts we have at Zelda Dungeon, but don’t think it’s necessarily limited to these categories. We are looking for a few new folks to help us with the day to day postings at Zelda Dungeon. If you are interested in applying, you first must be at least 16 years of age and you then need to complete the following steps.

  • Create a sample news post of any of the types of posts I listed above.
  • E-mail that sample news post to
  • Be sure to include your name, age, location, skype account, and any other information you’d like us to know.

It’s as simple as that! I will try to reply to every application that comes in. A few things worth noting. This is a volunteer position and staff members do not get paid for their contributions. However, there are other perks involved where staff members can occasionally earn various goodies. You also can gain access to some of the various outlets of Zelda Dungeon here at the site, forums, and various social networking websites. You also could potentially get invited to live Zelda Dungeon events and various conferences around the country.

Thanks guys and I’m looking forward to reading all your applications! Good luck.

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