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Hey guys, I’d first like to apologize for the downtime that we experienced late last night and early this morning. Our server was fried and we weren’t able to get it all fixed up until late this morning. The good news is we have moved to a different server and we were able to recover most of the database, including all the news posts, comments, and the gallery. The bad news is that we lost a chunk of the forums and we had to revert to an earlier date a couple weeks back.

Our forums have since been updated and we have restored the new theme. Additionally, we have recently opened up the Zelda Wii Forum over at our message board. An entire forum section dedicated specifically to the upcoming Legend of Zelda title for the Nintendo Wii. We already have dozens of threads and several hundred posts, so why not join in on the fun. You can speculate about the little things that we already know, or you can give your opinions of what you want to see or what should be left out.

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