Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Hey all! Hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas full of food and laughter, and that Santa was good to everyone. Below is a message from our Forums Team, some of the most hardworking members of the Zelda Dungeon Community. They left a message and even a gift you can check out below!

Hey everyone, Azure here!

The ZD Forums typically carry out events with the community based on the season or holiday, open for anyone to participate. This year, the event staff have decided to create a Christmas magazine to showcase the community’s creative works. Included in the magazine are submitted writing, artwork, and graphics, as well as the entries for Round 24 of the Drawing Contest and the Christmas Avatar & Signature Competition.

Submissions to the magazine could be Zelda-themed, Christmas-themed, related to the ZD network, or a combination of any of these. Each member could submit a total of 3 things throughout each category; writing, artwork, or graphics. The 24th Round of the Drawing Contest focused on the following theme: “If Link had a YouTube channel, draw a thumbnail for one of the videos he would upload”. The Christmas Avatar & Signature Competition had members incorporating the holiday spirit into their current avatars and/or signatures or creating new ones entirely. Each entrant would also receive a Santa hat next to their username, along with a username color; green if a regular member or red if staff.

Here the PDF version of the magazine, free to view and download. We hope you enjoy looking through it, and seeing the passion and creativity our forum members possess!

From everyone at the Forums Team, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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