Those of you familiar with our Ally, Zelda Legacy should probably know that Chamber of Sages is the title of their forums. As of today, it is also the new home for the Zelda Dungeon forums. That’s right. Zelda Dungeon and Zelda Legacy have reached a partnership and will now have a shared forum. The forums will be located at their present spot at Zelda Legacy. Unfortunately the old Zelda Dungeon forums appear to be lost for good along with all members, posts, dates, post counts, etc… So for those of you that were previous members of the Zelda Dungeon community, you have the choice of joining us now at the Chamber of Sages, or perhaps looking elsewhere for your Zelda community needs.

For now, simple links are in place to our new forum home. In the coming days we have some plans of integrating some Zelda Dungeon exclusives at the Chamber of Sages. So for now, head on over and sign up at our new forum community at Zelda Legacy.

Chamber of Sages

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