We told you we would be there, and here is the day of events neatly wrapped up in just under 10 minutes. The launch event was crazy, my 3DS had over 175 street pass additions from attendees–and that was after I realized I had to clear them after 10. They had the first three Zelda games playable on demo stations on the second floor, and Ocarina of Time 3D playable on the first floor. We got an interview with TriForce, and an extended session of ocarina songs from Hylianhero.

The Gold Skulltula hunt was fun as well. There were 20 posters hanging around Nintendo World, 10 on each floor. Like the game itself, some were hidden in plain sight, while others were in not so obvious locations. Thankfully nothing needed to be broken or blown up to complete the scavenger hunt.

We will be back at Nintendo World for the launch of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and hopefully Nintendo throws an even bigger party. Let us know in the comment section what feature of Ocarina of Time 3D is your favorite. My favorite new feature is the boss rush mode and the new, more challenging Master Quest.

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