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I’ve received a couple of questions about the Zelda Dungeon Alliance over the last few weeks and have stayed away from answering many of them for one reason or another. A few people out there have basically asked, why? Why would Zelda Dungeon go this route when there already is so much available at Zelda Dungeon? If you click over to the right and click the ‘Layout 16 Coming Soon’ button, you could get a slightly better idea of what’s really going on. There is no question game content is what we do best at Zelda Dungeon. Heck, I’m almost certain if you are just a regular fan of the site, you first came over searching for some sort of game content. With that being said, the new layout we are working on is going to completely maximize our content area allowing for a whole bunch of new options. Without giving away too many details of it, I’d just like to mention that with the removal of many of the current pages you see on the left navigation and with fancy new condensed and collapsible game menus, the need for the classic Zelda Dungeon two navigation bars will be gone.

Once again though, why the Alliance, what does that really have to do with the new layout at all? There are a few main reasons why we think the Alliance will be successful. First and foremost, the sites that are being featured are some of the must unique that you’ll see anywhere in the Zelda online community. Some are, in some cases just not that big of sites and they are deserving of a larger audience. The updates that happen at Zelda Dungeon will be quite different than before. Of course, with the new layout and Alliance we will be working extensively on game content and will be updating periodically when we have new material available to release. However, as you may have come to notice, when big projects such as the Phantom Hourglass walkthrough that was written awhile ago, updates could become quite staggered from one another. There’d be times where we’d go days and sometimes over a week without even updating the site because we are working on content. If you were a fan of the site at the time and didn’t have Phantom Hourglass or had no interest in game anymore, what was the purpose of visiting for content updates? We hope that with the Alliance in place, the variety of the sites within it will be able to give your visitors something new and fresh and a much more frequent rate than we were ever able to provide at Zelda Dungeon.

Without dragging on any longer, I’d like to announce the 6th site into the Zelda Dungeon Alliance; Zelda Re-Orchestrated, or rather, ZREO. I had announced ZREO awhile back as a brand new affiliate to Zelda Dungeon, but our site relationship will be a bit different than what is usually agreed upon in a Zelda site affiliation. ZREO doesn’t fall into the classic fan site description and doesn’t offer standard affiliation with other Zelda sites, quite frankly, because they don’t need to. They aren’t in the community to become the largest of Zelda sites out there and already know that their unique content will bring in all the visitors that they’d ever like to attract. Their site is the perfect idea of what I have envisioned with a unique site deserving of an Alliance position. ZREO is a site that doesn’t necessarily worry about what’s happening in the outside community but just works on what it loves and desires to do, make Zelda music.

The ZREO project is dedicated to bringing all the classic Zelda tunes we have heard and bringing them to life, fully orchestrated. They feature music from the entire Zelda series and also have their own custom soundtracks that they have created. If you love the Zelda music in the games, then man are you going to enjoy the music you’ll find at ZREO. We are pleased to have ZREO on board as part of the Alliance and we look forward to posting on all their newest unique creations.

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