Once the Zelda Dungeon Alliance is fully up and running with the launch of the new layout, there will be many familiar sections of Zelda Dungeon no longer available. These sections consist of mainly what you will find along the left navigation under ‘Chronicles’, ‘Interactive’, and ‘Fan Stuff’. So what exactly are we planning on doing with these sections? Well, some of the poor quality sections that really just aren’t that good are going to be tossed away, never to be seen again. However, there is actually some great content in a few of these sections and what will happen with them will revealed… soon. Another big change at Zelda Dungeon once the Alliance is implemented is that there will no longer be standard Zelda or Nintendo news updates anymore. Rather, two sites in particular that are a part of the Alliance will serve as news sources for Zelda Dungeon. Once there is notable news available about the world of Zelda, it will be just briefly mentioned here at Zelda Dungeon and then linked to the respective Alliance sites, treated in the same fashion as new content. Anyway, without giving away anything else about the Alliance, I present the 4th site, Zelda Elements.

Zelda Elements is the closest Alliance site that you’ll find that could be classified as a more traditional Zelda site. They are in fact the only Zelda site that is a part of the Zelda Dungeon Alliance who actually provides game content (some pretty good content actually), but we will not be featuring Zelda Elements for game content. Zelda Elements will be one of the two secondary sources that will be used to update Zelda news when it becomes available to the Zelda community. Zelda Elements has got a great team in place who update on all the latest Zelda news and is definitely one of the better sources for Zelda news.

However, there is much more to Zelda Elements other than just standard news and game content and this in fact is what will be featured at Zelda Dungeon. They have a very extensive section of ‘Zelda Information’, basically being all Zelda content that is NOT specific game content. This includes but isn’t limited to, a very detailed guide to Hyrule, a huge cameo section, and some awesome features such as ‘Who is Link’ and ‘How to Make a Zelda Fansite’. There really is a ton of material that Zelda Elements has put together over the years and much of this material will be featured over the coming months and hopefully years of the Zelda Dungeon Alliance. Welcome aboard the always impressive, Zelda Elements.

Zelda Elements

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