Before going into detail on the next Alliance site, I’d like to mention a few more things about the project. First and foremost, it no longer is the Zelda Dungeon 8, as there has been another addition to the Alliance. I’m not ready to call it the ZD 9 or even the ZD 10, but I’m just going to keep it as the Zelda Dungeon Alliance in case more sites join the party. Each of the sites will have their own index update button just like the one you saw for North Castle and this awesome one in this update. Whenever there is new unique content at the Alliance site, it will be posted at Zelda Dungeon along with their awesome update button and then linked to their respective site. So without further ado I present, Zelda Classic.

Currently and ally of Zelda Dungeon, Zelda Classic will be one of the features sites as part of the Zelda Dungeon Alliance. They are one of the older running fan sites on the net dating back nearly a decade. They don’t offer Zelda news, general information, or game guides, bur rather, their specialty is in the fan game world. Zelda Classic started off in April of 1999 as a site dedicated to recreating what they view as the greatest game of all time, the original Legend of Zelda. This didn’t take long as a full replica of the original Legend of Zelda had been created by June of 2000, a little over a year after the site launch.

Zelda Classic has grown tremendously since cloning the original Legend of Zelda and they soon released ZQuest. ZQuest is a quest editor designed to run on the Zelda Classic program. Fans are now able to make their own custom fan games rather simply. It didn’t just stop there though, as the site began to grow it extended so that ZQuest now allowed users to upload their own custom graphics and even import them from other popular 8-bit games not named Zelda. This has led to dozens and dozens of fan games created on the ZQuest editor that are based off of Megaman, Metroid, and Mario. The staff of Zelda Classic is still working diligently and a new version of Zelda Classic is on the horizon.

In addition to just the original Zelda Classic and the ZQuest editor, the Zelda Classic website allows its fans to submit their own fan games and have them posted at Zelda Classic. This has led to 240 downloadable quests at Zelda Classic that have resulted in over 400,000 downloads. Each submitted quest includes when it was originally added, last updated, the author, the version of Zelda Classic used, the custom tile set used, as well as a rating score from fans. Zelda Classic has also branched off a bit and have a Mapmaker downloadable file as well as ZConsole, which acts as a game genie for Zelda Classic.

All in all Zelda Classic is definitely one of the most unique Zelda websites around and an absolute must visit for any fan remotely interested in creating or just playing a custom made fan game. I’m happy to have them on board as the 2nd site within the Zelda Dungeon Alliance.

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